Thursday, July 6, 2017

More Excessive Heat Warnings

I stayed home for the 4 TH and my daughter, Tracy stopped by with her grand kids of course my great grands. We ate grapes and cherries what a mess the little guy was all full of cherry juice. We didn't let Arriana have any cherries because of the pits but she was quite happy with the grapes.

It was so hot no one wanted to do anything outdoors. They had a fire on A Mountain from the fireworks that's the second time that has happened. It is so terribly dry right now I would have thought they had sprayed the mountain down first.

And now we are in another week of Excessive Heat Warnings. I'm glad I did all my shopping before this hit again. I did have an Dr. apt. today and things got a little crazy and I wound up being there for 2 hrs. I finally said I was leaving I had seen him and I don't know what I was supposed to be waiting for . It was well  over 104 so I wanted to get home. Tomorrow I have to go for a chest x ray but I can do that very early and Monday I have an 8:30 lab test. I told them I will not come in any later than 9 am for the follow with the Dr. so I don't care how far out the apt. goes.

Stay cool everyone and drink lots of water.

Good Night All


  1. I live in the county where fireworks are allowed. I must say this was the quietest 4th of July in recent history and that is a good thing.

    Saturday I thought of you because I know you go out early in the morning to avoid the heat. I borrowed a page from your book and did the same.

  2. Hi MsBelinda,
    It was pretty quiet around here too. Maybe people finally realized how dry it was and how fast things can catch on fire.

    Your welcome to borrow from my book if it helps you out.