Thursday, December 6, 2018

Chilly But Nice

Sunday my daughter brought the tree in the house and put it together. Did some decorating and then left. I finished putting on the decorations and took the empty container back out to the shed.

Monday I forced myself to go shopping and took care of most of the gifts. I went to my Ins. office and had my papers notarized and took them right to the post office.

They are still working on the house next door and I was about ready to go into a melt down. They had been running a pressure washer for almost a week n half from early morning until around 5:30 trying to remove the paint the previous owner put down. But he sure was getting anal about it and the driveway next to my house had been done for days yet he kept coming back and rewashing it. I finally had a talk with the guy. They only came back one more time and only ran it for about 2 hrs, guess they figured it wasn't coming off in the one area so why keep trying. For 2 days I went and sat with friends to escape the noise.

Wed. met up with a couple of friends for lunch and it was really nice to visit with them it has been a long time.

Today went shopping for the Christmas Eve food and a few gifts I forgot to buy. I still have the little once to buy for. I hope to get that done tomorrow on my way home from dropping off more soup for the great grands they have colds again and they love the soup their Nonna makes. LOL

 Maybe I'll get lucky this year and Santa will bring me a real camper. I've been good really I have 😇

 These mitten bird houses were made for me by a special friend

And another special friend sent this to me last Christmas

Santa tells the story The Night Before Christmas

Good Night All


  1. Love all your Christmas decorations sure sets the mood for the season.

  2. Looks very nice, love the special tree decorations. I have some from friends too and they are special to me. Are you getting the rains? Woke up to low clouds this morning.

  3. Looks like you are ready. I also have ornaments made by friends that get on that tree no matter what! It all looks very nice JO!

  4. Hi Emily,

    Thank you, one of those friends is far away now and I miss her so much. Yes we got lots of rain and fog this morning but the rain lasted almost all day. Pretty cold and damp.

    Hi Sondra,

    Kinda ready I usually have xmas mugs out but haven't done much more than thing about it just like a few other things I usually put out but then I think about how I have to put other things away to put them out and when it's over start the process again.

  5. I hope you get your "real camper" from Santa this year. Your decorations are so beautiful!

  6. Hi Gypsy,

    Me to. thank you glad you like them

  7. Looks like you are really getting into the spirit of Christmas!

    May Santa grant you your wish :)