Saturday, December 29, 2018

I Think It's Winter in Tucson

Haven't done much since Christmas just recuperating. I don't know why I should be so tired I didn't do much had so much help both days. So I'm thinking it's this beautiful ice cold weather making me want to hunker down in big old sweats and read or just watch YouTube stuff.

I know that quite a few folks who read my blog are travelers but some aren't or do occasional trips. But I just want to put out a bit of cautions since some may be traveling just for the holiday. A Face Book friend of mine got caught in a terrible storm on I 40 in NM yesterday and spent 7 hrs stranded no moving at all just sitting on the road with hundreds of other stranded motorist. Luckily she had a full tank of gas and some food with her. But no blankets, she did OK since she was able to run her car heater. Take caution when traveling the roads this time of year even if it is the Southeast or Southwest. The weather is crazy this year and storms and freezing temp are the new norm it seems. Please before you leave your home no matter how close your traveling be prepared. Carry blankets, try to keep your gas tank full and carry food and lots of water, maybe even a thermos of hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It could save your life and those that may be with you. She was finally able to move around midnight and there weren't any motels that had rooms until she reached Amarillo, TX. at 5 am, the motel didn't charge her for the night since she didn't get there until morning and she is spending another night there to regroup and pick up some blankets and restock. She is also traveling with 2 dogs.

It has been freezing cold here and had another rain storm pass through Sunday night. I'm not complaining I have turned around to being a cold weather person again, maybe that's because it isn't accompanied by snow. It was in the mid 20's last night and didn't even reach 50 for the high today. Calling for 31 tonight but we shall see. I have been bringing in the humming bird feeder after dark and getting it out as soon as I wake up in the morning. 

Good Night All


  1. Ditto for us JO. Got down to low 20's and high today was in mid-40's in southern NM. Suppose to be another (snow) storm coming in early this week. Yes, heed her advice about traveling in the high deserts of the SW and even in the "low" deserts of the SW, we can get cold and nasty too. No snsow here for us but it was all around us in the Gila's (beautiful) and the Sacramento's to the east (beautiful too).

  2. Yep, Old Man Winter has finally extended its grip to our southern states!

    You give good advice that many should heed.

  3. Guess we are lucky, here has been down to 48 overnight and up to the high fifties and 60's but windy and sunny. We can handle this no problem,

  4. Hi Emily,

    The snow storms are really bad this winter in NM and the fact that no updates were being kept up so the people that were stranded had no idea why or what was the cause. I should take some pictures as the moutains all around me are covered in snow. Like you said it is pretty but I sure wouldn't want to be stuck in it.

    Hi MsBelinda,

    It sure has, yes we have had cold winters but it never lasted as long as this cold spell or as cold.

    I hope people will heed the warmings.

    Hi George,

    Yes you are lucky, but I have to admit the days are sunny and bright but another big rain heading our way next Sunday.

  5. Cold, cold, cold here in AJ. I haven't wanted to even think about going outside but the pups have a different idea at times. And we can't just let them out. We have to put them on a leash and go out with them. Looking forward to at least getting back into the 60's but that won't be for awhile. Growing up in Montana we always had blankets and snacks and a full tank no matter what time of year it was. Good advice. Happy New Year.

    1. I put up those little portable fences I found one at a second hand shop and one from Amazon so I can let Fred out he can't jump over it since the fense is maybe 3" tall but I do run out late at night to bring in the humming bird feeder and dash out in the early morning to put it back. And it is sooooo cold.

    2. Ours have reached the age where they have to be carried up and down the steps. Getting old isn't easy for any of us.

  6. Glad you survived the Holiday only to look forward to the next one.
    It is the cold weather that naturally brings out the animal instinct in us to curl up and Hibernate. Even in Quartzsite we are spending more time in bed at night as a way of keeping warm.
    I remember many years ago about hearing of people that got stranded on the Highways not being prepared and not pulling through. The worst thing one can do is leave your vehicle because you would be wandering around aimlessly.
    Glad we can stay put when there are storms.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Hi Rick and Kathy,

    Yes I survived the holiday and don't do anything for New Year so I'm good.

    Yes I recieved a beautiful throw for Christmas which had now been labeled my new best friend.

    Yes your right leaving you vehicle is the worst thing you can do especially in a snow storm.

  8. We have the rain still but I guess cold is behind it. That happened to us traveling in Kansas one year a Blizzard hit and the I-70 closed we got the last room in a motel at the exit we backed UP to get to . We ended up having to stay there 3 days till they reopened the highway! Stay warm and Happy New Yrs!!

  9. Hi Phyllis,

    Thank You

    Hi Sondra,

    At least you were able to back up this lady couldn't move and there werent any places with empty rooms. So glad she and her pups made it out OK. Your having lots of rain wow. It is still so cold here but I don't mind at all. The day turned out so beautiful at about 57 degrees. Happy New Year to you also