Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Is That Snow??

Spent a nice quiet night and didn't even wait to watch the ball drop in Times Square.
Lots of fire works going on last night and of course fools with guns. But by 10:30 all got quiet and I figured it was do to the pouring down rain. I was already in bed with my kindle reading and after a few pages I was out. I think I heard a little shooting or fireworks which must have been at midnight but I just rolled over and pulled the covers up and went back to sleep.

I have been taking the humming bird feeder in at night since it has been  freezing temperatures. So this morning as I got up to let Fred out and return the feeder it looked like snow or what I thought to be slushy rain on someones windshield, but it was so cold we just wanted back in the house. A little while later as it was getting lighter Fred wanted back out and this is was greeted me

Taken from the front of my house
 Just a little more to the west
 This is the house next door to me on zoom

 This is the car I spotted first time out but was so dark it was hard to tell what was going on
 About and hour later when the sun finally peeked out of the clouds

 More clouds started to form and the rest of the day looked like more rain or snow would come but it didn't
I took a shower and did a grocery store run as I wasn't sure what to expect from this crazy weather. It was really cold out all day with the high in the 40's. Weather forecast for tonight is calling for either more rain or more snow. I'm not hearing any rain so maybe it will not happen. But if it does and looks different from today I will post more pictures.

Good Night All


  1. That certainly looks like snow to me!

    Would love to be on the receiving end of it to kill the darn weeds that are already cropping up despite being winter :-(

  2. 34 here this morning and I just want to hibernate. The fresh snow is beautiful but I'd prefer to see it just in pictures.

  3. 43F here this morning by Yuma and no snow , that is ok we will enjoy the sunshine and hide from the wind.

  4. OH MY wow look at that you almost had a white Christmas! Missed you by one week!!

  5. Hi MsBelinda,

    The cold didn't do a thing for killing the weeds and they are plentiful that's the next project on the already growing todo list.

    Hi Sandie,

    It says it's 34 here also but it's so damp it feels colder. It only stuck to roofs and cars that weren't in the carports.

    Hi George,

    Your having some good weather in Yuma even with the winds, like you said you can hide from that.

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Yes to bad right. It snowed all morning today on the far east side. I bet Madera is all snowed in it must be beautiful up there.

  7. I really love your photos! I have thought this winter in Sacramento was cold, until I got up into the mountains and the snow/ice. Brrrrr!

  8. Hi Sylvia,


    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes it is cold and this weather has made me think hard about moving up North. It was 26 or somethinkg like that this morning but the day turned out OK.