Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I finally have real Internet! It took 2 days to set up but it wasn't crazy it was just a bad line. My go to guy and friend Tom came by yesterday and had it pretty much set up but could not get it online. So we put a call into the service dept. and they set up an appointment for this morning between 8 - 10 am. I though sure OK. So I got up at 6 am and got ready and puttered around a bit with coffee at the computer. At 7:45 I get a text that the guy was on his way. WOW then I get a call from the said technician that he was on his way and see me in 15 min. It was a little sooner even. What a nice guy really friendly and well mannered. I answered a few questions and out the door he went to set things in motion. He finally found the culprit line and bam I had Internet. There wasn't any charge for this service and he went through everything with me and even gave me written notes. My friend Tom called and I just kept saying this is so fast. I was like a kid in a candy store. I watched several YouTube video's and not once did I get that swirling circle or the yellow triangle showing that the Internet had turned off. I finally had to force myself to shut down and get things done around here.

I did manger a quick shopping trip done yesterday after Tom left but of course I forgot to put some things on the list so I will head back to the store tomorrow. I usually always have veggie broth around and yesterday I was lucky to have one container to make my soup. I really thought I had 2. Oh well I'll pick up a couple of veggie and a couple of chicken broth containers.

Good Night All


  1. Now that is wonderful high speed internet sure is amazing , nice that you can carry on once again.

  2. That is one thing I really miss is having high speed internet. Our Verizon WIFI works okay most of the time but it comes to a screeching halt at others. Enjoy yours.

  3. Wish I had as good service from Verizon as you had with this tech. After they made 5 appointments and never showed for any... I gave up.

    Maybe just as well. As you said you had to force yourself to get off the computer. I would be the same.

  4. Good for you! It's so annoying when things don't work. Weird thing here is my AT&T DSL is so strong my sister living next door at my Mom's is able to use it! We are both happy about that because the Verizon WiFi she used to use was so expensive and it is not as fast!

  5. Hi George,

    Pretty pleased with this new Internet sure makes it more enjoyable.

    Hi Sandie,

    Here so many complant about Verizon WIFI I had them way back and couldn't wait to find something else. Sure hope this keeps working as good as it is now.

    Hi Phyllis,

    It's reall tough when you can't get any other service for the area. I did have to make myself shut down today and go out and clean the yard and cook up some food. LOL

    Hi Sondra,

    That's great so many complaints about Verizon and the cost sounds like they are getting as bad as Century Stink

  6. Yay!!!! Glad you're up and running!!