Sunday, September 1, 2019


Today we had more mass shootings in TX. What is this country coming to? I have plenty to say about the government but I won't bother it just falls on deaf ears and closed minds.

Will there be anything left of the Bahama's  tiny islands with 200 mph winds and out of control waves and driving rains. And then to hit the east coast of America. I have dear friends that live in Port St Lucy, even if the hurricane doesn't come ashore it will be very bad with very high winds and possible 20 in. of rain if not more.

I have family with health issues. 

So early this morning my daughter and I went out to Mission San Javier to light candles. I rarely will ask the lord for anything today I did. 

Sorry this is such a downer of a post but where does it go from here.

It was already so hot when we arrived at the Mission you could hardly breath. It wasn't the temperature that was so high but the humidity and dew point along with the pressure. But I did manage to take a few pictures. The Mission is always in need of restoration as it is 100's of years old and built out of adobe. Only so much can be done at a time as the costs are astronomical. 

From there we tried to find a place for breakfast. Everywhere was packed with people waiting outside. Nope not this girl. So we wound up at Golden Corral. The only good thing about that place is I don't care for it so I don't eat much. After that it was straight home as Tracy had to go into work earlier today than usual. 

 Tracy pointing to her last name La Torre which means tower. But there isn't La in front of her name LOL

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday.

Good Night All


  1. I also have to hold myself back from saying much about the state of this country. I just hope we can safeguard our next elections, but I have trouble maintaining confidence that we might be able to ride this out. I will definitely feel better when cooler weather arrives.

    1. Hi Gypsy,
      Lets pray that more people wise up this coming election and clean this country up. Yes I am so wanting the cooler weather to come.

  2. The world seems very disrupted at this time Politically as well as Climate wise.
    Nice pictures of the Mission. Like the Header.
    La in most languages means The so Tracy's last name Torre means Tower.
    We are all looking for cooler temperatures but we go from One extreme to another.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Holiday.

    It's about time.

    1. Hi Rick and Kathy,

      Glad you like the Mission pictures. It is a very beautiful place. We couldn't get inside as they were holding mass. This mission was built by the Spaniards so yes La means the.
      Cooler temps would be so great but we just stay at the highs
      You have a nice safe holiday to

  3. Those mass shootings are so sad and the hurricane that will cause so much destruction. Nice that you went to the Mission to light candles, Thanks for Mission photos.

    1. Hi George,

      It is all so sad right now. This storm is a big one and I haven't heard from my friend so they may have already lost power. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  4. I had not heard of the shootings I rarely have the news on anymore simply because of the politics in the country right now...I can't wait for 2020 elections to get here!! I will not vote for one single incumbent! We are in the swath of the hurricane if it takes the most projected path, it will affect us! They are lowering all pond and lakes levels, and we are stocking up on batteries, and plan to fill my water jugs, gas up the car get plenty of dog food, sandwich foods canned goods, and wait!! Thursday is D day for us! Hope it calms down before then it is moving so slow therefore massive rain could occur. The old Mission is beautiful...I hope it can be restored.

    1. Hi Sondra,
      I'm hating that my friends and family are in the range of this horrible storm. I glad you are taking steps to be in good shape if it hits. I don't understand my friends late of concern for being prepared for this. They have lived in Fl. for many years now. But last I heard they are in fear of this storm. I pray you will all be safe in your area. Is it mostly people who travel that know how to prepare for disasters? I always have lots of drinking water and non perishable foods on hand. We don't get that many bad storms here but one never knows what can cause days long power outages. I have frozen water bottles in the freezer.I also hope this thing turns itself out to sea. And below I see Emily is wish you the best also.

  5. I remember seeing that beautiful Mission 65 yrs ago and always have thought it so beautiful and admire the strength it has stood for all these many, many, many decades. So strong.

    YEs there are messes in this country but there are so many beautiful people too doing things to help others - those little pockets give me hope.

    Sondra, I so hope and pray that this hurricane "decides" to spare so many and head out to sea. I also have friends and relatives in the path and in constant thought of all of you. My flags are out for all of you today.

  6. Hi Emily,

    That sure was a long time again that you saw the Mission. It has gone under extensive renos over the years. They even brought in artist and restoration people from Italy who taught the Native Americans how to do this work. But it takes so much money. But they continue to make progress.

    Lets just do our parts as American's to clean this mess in this country up come election time.

    Thank you for praying that Sondra and her family and all the people in the area are spared.

  7. There I was in the kitchen on Saturday afternoon washing dishes when CNN broke the news. I was flabergasted, how could this be? It had not even been a month since the El Paso mass shootings. I have yet to even bring myself to be able to walk into our local Walmart.

    Now once again my beloved state of Texas is ravaged by another mass shooting with again an RK-something rifle that should only be used in war.

    Then our Governor of Texas on Sunday had the gall to say something needed to be done about all these mass shootings when he signed into law in June even more lenient firearm laws that ironically went into effect this Sunday, Sept 1st.

    I wish our two Presidential candidates from Texas would call it quits as they do not have a realistic chance of winning. They need to come home to run for Governor or Senator where they can make a greater impact. We need to vote all these worthless politicians out of office who are so afraid of taking on the NRA.

    I hope all the people in the path of Dorian stay safe. This has truly been the worst Labor Day weekend that I can remember. I am numb from all the happenings and the sad part is that it is not over yet.

    I loved the pictures of the Mission, thank you for posting them.

  8. Hi MsBelinda,

    Yes politicians need to be accountable for their greedy actions with NRA that is all it is is money and more money. Mass shooting have escalated since that worthless piece of garbage went into office. He speaks hatred, racist, name called and these fools who follow him now have the perfect excuse for this horrible behavior.
    This storm is just sitting over the Bahamas and it is terrible. And it is still not know what direction it will take after that. I just hope it churns its way out to sea.

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  10. Beautiful pictures Jo! The detail is so amazing to me!

    I hear you about the mass shootings. It's sad how depraved this country has become. I don't watch the news any more just because it's too stressful. I kind of see how the Amish remain so calm - they don't hear any of the bad stuff.

    Take care! :) --- VT