Friday, January 24, 2020

Closing Out Another Week

Had so many annoying dealings with Medical Ins. this week. But looks like they are going to be better now. Another new Dr. 

But not much of anything else really. But today my daughter and I went to breakfast at a place we hadn't been to in more than a year. The food was good but it may be another year before we go back.
From there went to the car wash. Found some changes there that I did not expect. I only wanted the truck washed didn't want to mess with them doing the inside. You know pay out side before you even get the wash. He said from know on if you just want a wash use that outside lane so you don't have to wait in line when they are vacuuming the other cars, then drive around the back and someone will take it from there. WELL what they do is guide you onto the rail system and you stay in your vehicle. I hate going through those things. My daughter was laughing cause I was not very happy and I hate watching the operation that is going on. But I made it with out getting car sick. Next time I will pay the extra money and get out and wait inside. LOL

After the car wash we headed out to Target as I had a gift card. I picked up a few items and only went over by 31cents. We walked all over the store just for the exercise. I wanted to go to Kirkland's to see if they were having any good sales since they are closing the store but we forgot and I really don't need anymore stuff.

Stopped to fill up the gas tank  @ 2.35 gal. and home we came.

I guess I'll go do some grocery shopping early tomorrow morning or maybe Sunday.

Oh and I finally was able to transfer one of my favorite photos that I took  a couple of years ago at Desert Museum

Good Night All


  1. I'll bet there was no sign telling you how to bypass the Inside Cleaning Line. Gald you didn't get sick or you would have needed the inside cleaned.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Hi Rick and Kathy

    To be honest I have no idea if there was a sign I just pulled in as always and then looked up at the prices that's when I decided only a wash. I would really have hated getting sick in the truck LOL

  3. I always wash my van in the backyard, and don't do that very often! It sure could use a clean up for sure.

  4. I used to wash my own all the time but the HOA frowns on it. It was so dirty I couldn't stand it.

  5. In Del Rio we do not have a carwash like you describe only in Houston.

    I thought my HOA was least I can wash my car in my driveway.

    That is indeed a beautiful picture.

  6. Hi MsBelinda,
    I think I would rather go to a self wash place but right now it's to cold.

  7. I love the photo of the bee inside the flower! Too bad I don't drive anymore and don't have a car to wash!