Friday, June 29, 2012

I've Got Hitch Itch

So what do you do when you have hitch itch and
nothing to hitch? Beats me.

I figured this was going to be a really busy weekend. So
 off I went to Wally world at 7:15 am. By time I hit the
check out it was getting really busy. The parking lot had
every kind of RV you could think of. Maybe that's what
gave me the urge.

No I have been wanting to camp at some of the lakes here
for the past 2 summers. I would also like to meet some of 
the bloggers I read and some of the people from the RV 
club I belong to. I know I had a RV but I came up here and
bought the Tin Can Cabin, the following year it was knee
replacement, this winter it was cataract surgery. And of
course I never really felt comfortable driving it. Anyway
we shall see what I come up with in the fall.

It was pretty hot up here again today. And it hit kind of early
too. So not much was done after Wally world. A few walks
were taken but not much else. Turned on the A/C and just
read or played spider.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.


  1. That is tricky when you have hitch-itch and nothing to hitch. Hope it cools a bit for you.

  2. I know the feeling, hopefully it cools off for you. It stinks when you have hitch itch and nothing to scratch it.

  3. Good morning John,
    Yes very tricky. Maybe I need to put in more fishing or something.
    Thanks for coming over for a read.

    Hello Erik,
    I hope it cools down soon too. when it rains it gets so nice. But finding a hitching is top business now.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You will decide what direction you want to go in due time. In the meantime, enjoy whatever you are doing now! (I'm sure you will)

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    Your right. When it all comes together that is what was meant to be.
    My lastest fun thing is fishing. So I will keep plenty busy with that.
    Thanks for your support.

  6. Jo, don't forget to look into the van thing when you get back home. It would be really easy to scratch that itch with one. :)

  7. Hi tinycamper,
    That is the way I will go for sure. Just have to wait, some times that's not my
    best side, Patience never has been. But I will wait.
    Thanks for stopping in this afternoon

  8. Tough itch to scratch with no scratcher and your arm's not long enough ....

    How's that for a metaphor ... ;)

    I'm at a casino in Marysville, Washinton trying to sleep with BOOMING fireworks ... oh peace they just stopped ....

    ahhh ...,