Tuesday, January 11, 2022


 I had been emptying out the camper slowly and only had a few items left. As I was dragging the ladder out of the shed my daughter showed up and just hopping in and handed me the items. She then moved the bed back to behind the drivers side. I had brought the mattress' into the house the other day (thought I was gonna die). I had washed both covers and we brought them back outside and put the smaller one into the larger cover, don't know why I never did that before we even put the new sheets on. But I'm going to take off the top sheet as it is way to long on the side and I don't like things tucked in to far. I'll shorten and put it back. I still need to vacuum the side where the bed was the other side was already done. Debbie, also put the drawers back under the bed. So I will take my time getting it back together not like the last time that I was in pain everywhere and had a disaster camping trip.

The weather is still to cold for camping anyway so in about 2 weeks it should be OK!

Corona is reeling it's ugly head again and the poor Nurses, Dr.s and other first responders suffering from lack of help and over crowding. And they said the worst cases of course are un vaccinated. Are we surprised!?

I have plenty of groceries and lots of projects to keep me busy so I won't have to go out very often. I ordered a box of disposable face masks as they tested the 3 types and found the disposable are the safest. if you can blow out a match or candle your cloth mask isn't giving you any protection. I ordered some pretty colored ones might as well look good LOL

Stay safe out there and if your not vaccinated get on it and stop keeping this damn Corona alive. One of my granddaughters lost her friend this weekend to the virus she was 34 with 3 little children.

Good Night All!

Friday, January 7, 2022


 Today I got my new hot water heater installed! This morning I barely had enough warm water to take a fast shower a very fast shower. As a matter of fact don't even think I got all the soap off me. We played it by a string since Michael had a big job in Benson, AZ to finish before coming to Tucson to do a few jobs here. I have been heating water on the stove to do dishes. Of course I have to do that when camping and if push came to shove I could have used my camping shower at least the water would have been hot and lasted longer LOL

All the holiday things are put away and did more cleaning of the shed. What a mess in there need to get rid of more STUFF.

The weather has warmed up a bit for the next few days and it is perfect right now. Would like to spend some time outdoors so cleaning up the porch is also on the NEW to do list.

Good Night All

Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year All!!

Wishing all my readers a safe Happy New Year!!

I will be hunkered down here at home where it is warm and cozy. It has turned quite cold and rainy with lots of snow on the mountains. Hopefully I will get some beautiful pictures. But we never complain about to much rain ever and the snow is so very welcome on the mountains.

Lets ring out another year and hope for a much better one in 2020. Get vaccinated and lets stop this horrible virus that is now attacking our children. 

Once again please don't drink and drive and for heavens sake don't be shooting guns up in the air they do come down with a lot of force.

Peace To All!! 

Monday, December 27, 2021

It Was A Wonderful Time

 It was a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

While Christmas Eve was quiet with just my daughter Debbie we always find something to laugh about. We enjoyed the eggplant parmesan and baked ziti and a small piece of cherry pie. We opened our gifts to each other, Debbie gave me a small room humidifier, a lovely robe and a bag of little things of soaps hand lotions and a candle. She loved her jacket and warm fuzzy pants. And these things came in just in time for this crazy cold spell. She took home a tray of backed ziti to share with family and friends. I helped her carry out the gifts that had to go to Miliany and her family.

Christmas Day was wonderful also with lots of family and kids. There was lots of food once again. Tracy made manicotti some stuffed with pepperoni that was an experiment and it was very good, also Anthony baked a wonderful ham and I made baked ziti, meat balls and sauce. Some desserts but not many. I was so happy that my granddaughter and her boyfriend showed up with their adorable baby. They sure do grow fast. And I swore I was going to take pictures and never once took out my camera. I received many lovely gifts.

Since then the weather has been really cold and rainy. Today the high bounced from 49 to 50 F. We are expecting it to go as low as 30 tonight and not much warmer for the days high again. With lots of rain mixed in and should last well into next week. Hope to get to the store early tomorrow morning for some fresh veggies.

New Years I stay home and so does the rest of my family, safe is better than an  unsafe roadway.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas whether quietly or with others.

I did get some more of the truck emptied out but it was just  to cold to be out there.

Wishing everyone a Very Healthy and Happy New Year!!💯  

Please stay safe and don't drink and drive!!

Good Night All

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Busy Days

 The weather has been so beautiful these past few days. I have been waiting for this chilly weather since May. So no complaints from me. Although today it was 80 still not bad. 

Of course I have run to the store almost every day for the past week! But I do believe I have everything now. And yes I make a list. Yesterday Fred went to the groomers, brought him home and back out the door I went to the store I forgot bread and milk for just a small portion of a recipe, all I needed was 2 slices of bread and about a 1/4 cup of milk. Oh well I'm sure someone will take the rest home since I no longer eat bread especially white bread.

I was informed that one of my grandsons and his girl decided to come for Christmas Eve, so I whipped up a sun catcher and didn't like the length so I took it apart and made it longer. The little silver bead I thought was to close it off wasn't the right one as I leaned forward to get the right one it slid off the table and half the beads fell off. I kind of just sat there for a second and wanted to scream. But I found some of the bigger beads in the carpet and put it back together.

I made my meat balls and sauce today so at least that is out of the way, and took out the eggplant from the freezer since we are having that for Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow maybe I will get some things out of the camper finally or maybe not. LOL  

Good Night All

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Is it Over Yet!

 Does anyone remember the saying I'm so broke I can't even afford to pay attention? It would be great if I don't have to step foot in another store or buy gas until mid February. 

Just buying the food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was enough to make me feel faint. I had a little less than half a tank of gas and it was $45. to fill the tank. Then had to refill my inhaler and we know it was $160. Thank You all  government thieves. Anyway stick me with a fork I'm so done!

Rant over

Today I made the eggplant parmesan for Christmas Eve and put it in the freezer so that will be out of the way. I'll make the rest of the food on Thursday so it will all be done and no rushing around. I will just pop the trays into the oven for a bit to heat it all up and have it ready to serve. Nothing fancy just baked ziti, sauce and meat balls. I'll do a side of baked ziti with alfredo sauce for my grandson who is having stomach issues.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Have to go know my thumb is very unhappy with me since I did a filet on it the other day. Makes it hard to type. 😖

Thursday, December 9, 2021

I Guess It's Time

I have been busy getting shopping out of the way. It is all done! Had one gift that gave me a problem and I hope what I found will make her happy. I finished off the last of the knotted blankets and I couldn't have been happier about that. I dreamed about tying those knots! Each blanket  has 2 different patterned blankets attached.

I also dream about the younger girls untying all those knots! Or should I call these dreams nightmares 

I even managed to get the tree up and decorated before my great granddaughter came for a visit.  After Miliany's visit I wrapped all the gifts and put them under the tree. 

I see I can't fix this to go left align so I will ignore it.

Next week I will buy the food for out Christmas Eve dinner and since no one mentioned Christmas Day I won't worry about it . If they call at the last minute maybe I'll have left overs or they can bring what ever they want. 

We are heading into a bit of a cold front and may even see snow on the mountains around Tucson, but here they say lots of rain for us down here. I don't mind I have projects to work on. 

My daughter said there is a channel  pluto that plays a beautiful fireplace with a nice fire. Love it and have been watching a bit.

Also having problems with keeping the font right so with that I will wish you all

A Good Night!