Thursday, January 7, 2021

What In The World!

 I was floored by the horror yesterday as the monster unleashed his animals on the Capital. Everyone knows it was the Morons doing. He made the speech imploring then to go to the Capital to fight. They cannot allow him to stay in the White House to finish out his term. Even his last twitter (using someone else account) is still crying about how he won and it was rigged. This will further get his thugs worked up to make more trouble. NOW they are realizing that he is a sick and crazy person and can not be trusted anymore. BUT JUST NOW? And still some of these senators still want to say the votes were fixed. These very sentors need to be ousted also. mark mullen saying even the Demograts protested, yes they did for justice, but don't say they were just as bad as the MORONS MOBS, throwing bottles, hitting people with clubs, shooting and running into crowds with cars and killing people. REALLY mULLEN! You should rot in hell for your part in this terrorist act yesterday.

This has been nothing short of  TREASON AND A TERRORIST ACT BY THE MORON! Which should be a life sentence for his actions against OUR COUNTRY, NOT HIS ALONE.

I read comments today on FB by people who said they were ashamed of this Country! This is so wrong, never be ashamed of our Country we need to UNITE  and help bring it back to what we once were before this slime ball got into office. What I am ashamed of is that 2 repubilicans from the State of AZ, had the nerve to call our State a voter miss count after it was recounted twice you both can also rot in hell and I hope your political days are numbered. And I'm not condeming all Repulicans some are really decent people and do their job with honesty. For that I thank them. And not all Democrats are good people. 

 If ever there was a bad election it was when he was given the seat under lies and Russian interference. That was an election full of scams.

Like everyone else has asked, WHY was there not enough armed forces at the Capitol? Everyone knew there was going to be big trouble even the Citizens of this country with an ounce of intelligence knew something bad was going to happen. OH NOW they are going to investigate. Police taking pictures with the enemy. WTH!

I hope by tomorrow morning I will read that they have removed that TERRORIST FROM THE WHITE HOUSE!

Good Night All

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Party's Over

 Oh wait there wasn't any party!  But the decorations are gone. I wanted to leave them up a bit longer but just needed to do a good cleaning and sooo they had to go. Lucky I had all the ornaments off the tree when my service guy came to clean up the cooler and saw me trying to carry the tote and grabbed it and put it in the shed for me. The rest of the stuff was light weight and I could handle it on my own. Of course as I go around I keep seeing things I forgot to put away but I have empty boxes in the shed so I'll just gather up those things and bring them out.

Next step was to get the vacuum out and clean up the mess from the tree. No matter how hard I tried I could not get that stinkin tree in the box. So I put almost a roll of fat tape on it to keep it at least mostly closed.

I had to do a pick up at The Neighborhood Grocery Store because for some reason they are nolonger doing delivery. I have been ordering from Fry's but they just don't carry some of the things I needed unless you order for delivery from another source, not going there. So ordered them from Walmart and set a pick up time they notify you when its ready. It went well but the fact that I can't manage the heavy orders I only bought what I really had to have. Mostly Fred things and toiletry items. In a couple of days I will order from Fry's.

I really need to start doing some projects that I have put off for awhile now and it will give me more things to do since it looks like this isolation is going to last a lot longer still. And theres no reason to complain because some people will just not learn or listen. 

I need to start gathering for donation pick up soon. I have a bag already being filled with some clothing and a few household items.

I am really enjoying my new Air Fryer. Found a few YouTube channels with really good recipes.

Hope everyones New Year is going well.

Good Night All

Thursday, December 31, 2020


 I almost forgot to post I just knew it was going to happen.

I know this New Year just has to be better. Lets hope this vaccine works and knocks this crappy virus on its ass. Of course the Moron is still trying to keep his place in the White House. Our President Elect Joe Bidden will have his hands full when he takes over. I hope he will have lots of support. Maybe American will be Great Again once we are rid of the MORON.

Even though we have this vaccine please keep following the guide lines to stay safe and keep others safe also. We have had a few family members come down with Covid but thankfully so far it has gone away with not much trouble. Which makes you wonder if the tests are false positive and it is just a nasty flu. We know that Covid is a real thing as more people are dying everyday, hospitals are filled beyond capacity again. And our caregivers haven't had a break in a year. May prayers be heard for these wonderful first responders everywhere in the world!

Our weather has been really chilly this month with a few nights in high 20's and days not reaching more than 60 degrees F. We may see a couple of low 70's Monday and Tues. for the highs but then drop down back into the 60's. I'm not complaining at all as summer will return way to soon for me.

Yesterday I had to take Fred for another bath and realized I needed gas. So on the way home I stopped and filled up for 1.87gl. This is the first fill up since March. I sure have saved a lot of money on gas. 

Well please don't drink and drive and better yet stay home PLEASE!!

Good Night All

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


I have canceled Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here. Corona19 is very bad and we had one family member infected but thank heavens she is doing well. Another one found out a coworker had it and they had been working and riding together for a week. So far he has tested negative but was told to re test next week to be sure. You can take all the precaustions you want but someone will always be careless around you and in a closed vehicle your to close for sure.  

So all the food I bought to make the meals will be sent home with my daughter and she can cook for her family. She will call me when she is on her way and I will put everything outside including the gifts. My other daughter will pick up their gifts on Sunday the same way and mine will be left out there.

I'm not bothered by being on my own I live this way and so it is just another day. I will make myself a small lassanga meal as I have plenty of makings for it and I may even make a loaf of Italian bread. If I feel like it that is.

I baked up some cookies over the past few days, some found their way to the trash LOL but it kept me busy while I waited to hear how everyone was doing.

I just can't for the life of me understand how some people just don't get it about this virus and how bad it is. They say this spike is caused by folks who just had to travel for Thanksgiving (which was predicted) and now they are still going to travel for Christmas. At this rate these fools are going to keep this virus going for a lot longer. 

Well enough ranting!

Please stay safe for the holidays stay home enjoy being alive!

Good Night All!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Baby Its Cold Outside!

 Mind you I'm not complaining one bit, except when I have to go outside first thing in the morning to let Fred out. 26 F this morning and yesterday wasn't much warmer. High today was 60 tomorrow about 67F.

I had to run out this morning to pick up things Walmart didn't have when I did my online order. Of course I found more things than I needed but what else is new.

Yesterday I baked one cookie recipe and I don't know if my oven isn't getting hot enough or I just needed to leave them in long enough. So I put them back in (big mistake) but they are eatable and great for dunking LOL I will get back to baking tomorrow. My poor granddaughter had to cancel out as she is having car problems and I don't want her to risk driving all the way over here and possible making the problem worse or braking down on the way here or on her way home. I'll make what I can and that will have to be good enough.

Finished beanies for the kids and all the gifts are now wrapped and under the tree.  And that mess cleaned up.

PLEASE continue to wear your maskes and stay home if possible.

Good Night All

Monday, December 7, 2020


 My friend posted this really easy cookie recipe so I will start with that.

Cool Whip Cookies

1 box of cake mix (your favorite)

1 - 8 oz cool whip ( I use fat free)

1 egg

Mix together, use about a tsp full and roll into a ball, you can roll into powdered sugar or not ( I won't) 

Place on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or use what every you choose on the pan. Bake at 350 F for 12 - 15 min. Cool before removing. 

Had my follow up for labs today and everything is great except for my crappy lungs. Will have to wait until the first of the year to get an apt. with a Pulmonologist to see whats up. I have changed ins. so I can use  a Dr. on this side of town. 

The weather has been cold at night but the days have been great at 65 -75 F. But we are looking at another cold front moving in by Wed. with possible rain and snow on the mountains. It really is pretty to look up at the snow and not be in it down here. Of course we have had snow down here a few times but it is gone by the afternoon.

Good Night All and mask up!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

This Is The Time For Hackers

Just a warning to be careful with your Amazon acct. I have now heard of 3 people who have been hacked. 2 of these people had every dollar spent out of there checking accts. And another is hoping she caught it in time but will have to wait and see. These folks now have to close out the cards and get new ones. As soon as I heard this about a month ago I closed my acct. I then received 2 nasty letters from Amazon telling me I can never have another acct. with them. Well I had no intention of ever going back anyway. That same evening it was on our local news about the problem with Amazon and it was caused by someone who works for Amazon!

Winter has arrived her in the Old Pueblo and I am loving it. We have been in the 30's for over night lows while the days are wonderful in the 60's to mid 70's for the highs.

Took Fred for his grooming today and she sprayed him with some stinky perfume. I hate that stuff and asked her to please make sure she marks his card NO PERFUME!! I have had a headache since this morning. Hope it wears off fast.

My tree is up and just a few other decorations. Shopping is all done and just the food needs to be ordered. I did get some baking stuff and my granddaughter wants to come and learn how to make soup and bake with me. We should have a great time.

Good Night All