Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Getting Started

 Finally got started cleaning out the camper, on Monday by pulling out the bins of kitchen supplies, small plastic container of condiments which I should throw out and replace, chair and small table. That pretty much did it for me that day. 

 Yesterday pulled all the bedding, pillow included and it is all washed. Everything was so dusty. Finish cleaning the inside. And remaking the bed. 

Today checked the bins where I store my clothes and other items to see what all I need to add or remove. I think all is OK and maybe I can remove just a couple things and combine 2 drawers into one.

But the skeeters were terrible and coming into the camper and eating me alive. So I had to retreat to the house. I did go out and spray some insect stuff and shut everything up.

I used my new hitch step and the small step stool I bought to get in the back. I may have to find something to stick inbetween the hitch and step as it is a little wobbley, other wise it works well. Hopefully tomorrow I will remember to spray myself down and get the vacuuming done and then clean the trim and windows. 

I will need to run to Harbor Frieght to see what they have for potty chemicals and maybe something other than kitty litter, I really don't care for it at all. If they don't have anything I will go to Walmart. But the last time I went to Walmart the camping area has been really cut back not much there at all.

I will bring a personal sized heater but I don't think I will need it the weather looks fine and I don't want to pay the extra $10. for electric. And one of the battery powered fans. If all goes well I will then come home get more frozen bottles of water and head to Madera Canyon where I really love to be. I may look into buying a small 160 Watt or 260 Jackey so I can run the small heater because it will be colder up there. I do have a small solar panel to charge it up.

Good Night All!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Busy Times

Since the weather cooled down and I have become rejuvenated and I realized my house needed a really good cleaning. The carpets were filthy! It took me 2 days to work the living room as Fred sheds like crazy and I had to keep vaccuming first and then got down to the steam shampooing. It was so nasty right in front of his little cave. He loves to roll around and twist so you can imagine how much hair was in that area and how dirty it was. So I spent most of the day in that area. The next day I finished the rest of the room and I was dead tired. Yesterday,  I did in front of the door which was another really bad spot and then up the hallway and into my computer room. This morning I vaccumed everything again. 

This morning I had grocery delivery so that took some of my time and then I decided to just rest for the rest of the day. Of course I jumped up and down a few times doing things. Tomorrow I have to pick up some meds at Safeway and then freshen up the rug in my room. Of course there is always a dark spot at the doorway.

I sure will be happy to be finished with this job. Then maybe I can get back to cleaning up the porch and yard. I have a cousin coming in from CA. on Wed. so I got this done just in time for that visit. I was hoping to go camping but I guess that can wait until they leave. They are either going to look for a house in Green Valley or look into renting for a year and make sure that is where they wants to settle. Her husband told her it will have to be because he is tired of moving and they are to old LOL.

Good Night All

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Wonderful Weather!

 The weather has cooled down and it is wonderful first thing in the morning when I go out with Fred.

I haven't used the A/C for a week now and the cooler works great. Can't wait to see the drop in the electric bill.

I finally made myself get caught up on my crochet project for the monthly stripe club . I was 3 months behind. When I caught up on that I pulled out a blanket I started a long time ago and all I have to do now is crochet around the edges. I don't know what I had in mind when I started that thing but the stripes are going to go up and down instead of across. I think it weights about a 100lbs, well maybe not quite that much but it was a struggle to work with it.

In between I have started cleaning up the porch as there is way to many things out there and are not needed anymore. I also have a new rug for out there I bought about 3 yrs ago and it has been stored in the shed all this time.

My friend of 50 yrs will be celebrating her birthday next week so I made her a sun catcher and mailed it off to her in FL. Just  checked and it made it. Her daughter had asked for her friends and other family to send cards to her house so on Sue's birthday she will give them all to her. This is her first birthday since the passing of her husband. I thought that was a really sweet idea.

Did a little bit of shopping at Walmart for supplies for Fred and made a speedy retreat out of there. While it seemed most people were wearing masks I still am not comfortable being in these large stores. Then they changed the web page I couldn't make my order for groceries and ended up using Fry's. The prices there are a bit higher and then I couldn't figure out how to add the things I forgot. So today I made my second call to Walmart to see if they could fix this problem, finally someone knew how to fix it so I did a small order so the lady could fix it. Of course now I know what all I still need, does it ever end LOL Well at least now it works.

Good Night All!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday, Monday

 Seems Monday's are my run days. Well I really don't run. Got out the door by 9 am and headed for the dreaded Super Walmart, to pick up Fred supplies and  just a few other things. Then off to Safeway to pick up my Trelegy and yes its still $160. for a 1mth. supply and no I haven't hear a word from any of out wonderful Senators Mark Kelly or Kirsten Sinema, about what to do about Midecare which seems to be at the root of the high price of Medication and the reason you end up in a donut hole or otherwise known as over your limit for medication funds.

Anyway picked up some fresh produce and found a cashier lucky me, since they also want you to do a self check out, not happening. Then headed off to the post office to mail a card out. I will have to go back tomorrow to mail a small pkg to my friend of 50+ years for her Birthday.

Guess that's about it since life is so exciting around here because we are still running 100 degrees. But I have to admit the mornings are beautiful and I need to clean up the porch for my morning coffee.

Good Night All!

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Fun Family Time

We had a great lunch with my grandson and my great grand kids.

After lunch we came back to my place as I had been telling Anthony about not being able to load pictures anymore  from my camera. So he worked on it and figured a way for me to work with it. Just hope I can remember how to do it. While we worked around programs we were shocked at how many double even triple some files were. So after they left I went through and deleted about 300 files until my fingers were numb. I'll get back to it another day. We have no idea how this happened as it wasn't like that before. Thank You windows 10 biggest piece of garbage ever!

Then he hung my new blind up for me in the computer room. Things I used to do with such ease just doesn't happen anymore. Anthony told me that's why I have him a phone call away. Love that kid, always looking out for his old nana.

Playing around taking pictures 

Anthony Jr. who just turned 10 last week 

Should have used the flash for this one. Arriana and Jr.

Had 2 huge storms roll in this afternoon. Pouring down rain and lots of thunder and lightening. Guess the monsoons are going to stick around for a bit longer. I know we are still in a drought but we are pretty close to being OK . But I just wish the humidity would go away already. Guess you can't have everything.

Good Night All

Friday, September 3, 2021


It has been a while since my last post hasn't it. Well mostly because there isn't anything to post.

Monsoons were great best monsoon in years for sure. Everything is beautifully green and weeds are lovely. I bought more spray the other day but well I just don't feel like getting out into the high humidity. They say we are still going to see more rain in the coming week but who knows.

Tomorrow I will meet my grandson and his kids for lunch which will be a great treat for me. Should be fun. It was my great grandsons 10th birthday last week. Oh how time does fly.  Anthony is a loving and caring kid like his dad. 

So you see not much to write about these days.

Good Night All

Sunday, August 15, 2021

More Monsoon!

 I thought the monsoon was over, but it came around for another slam. We have had a really great season after a few years of nothing and bad drought. We are almost out of that danger now. The other night we had a storm that came through with such force I thought for sure my roof was going to be a goner. Since I didn't see the lightening I wasn't prepared for the super load thunder  boom. I jumped right out of my chair and then a second one hit. After that came the high winds and down pour.  It was great.

I noticed Fred hadn't been listening very well lately and thought he was just ignoring me. But it is confirmed he is deaf. We are pretty sure he is a lot older than we thought. His face has gotten very grey, since he is a spotted white guy the grey just wasn't that noticeable until recently.   Other than his hearing he is still very healthy and still likes to play sometimes. He does sleep more but that is to be expected.

I guess even though it is still monsoon season I really need to take the truck for a wash as it looks awfull. With the winds that come up even with all the rain it blows dust something terrible and even though I have a carport the rains are so wind driven that it wets the truck enough to make a real mess.

The lower temps have been great but the humidity is higher and so it still isn't very comfortable outside to clean out the camper. But it will come soon. I HOPE!

Today my daughter and I attempted a new place for brunch but as usual with new places people were lined up outside. So we went to Red Robin. The food is good but the prices are very high. Having a friendly server made it worth it.

Good Night All!