Monday, April 12, 2021

Update On Shot

I did not have any trouble after receiving my second shot. Only had a rash at injection site and I have had worse from flu shots. No arm pain, no fever nothing.

Good Night All

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Shots Done

 This morning I went to the Kino Sports Complex and received my second shot 👍😁. I'm so happy this is done. Arm is getting  a little sore but I keep moving it around and I am drinking lots of water, but I do that anyway. In 2 weeks I am going shopping and yes wearing a mask. Picked up 2 new ones yestersay got them wash and ready to go.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. The wind gave us a break and I took advantage and grilled some veggies and a steak. It was such a delight.

That's really all I have.

Good Night All

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Crafts With Copy Imagine

Win10 pretty much has killed my photo center. I still cannot load my pictures from my camera. So I had to take these with my my phone load them onto FB and then do copy image and paste here.  

These are not necklaces they are to hang in windows or just on a wall
when the sun shines on the crystals they send off little rainbows all around the room. Someone bought one to hang from his tree outdoors. But with the winds we have been having I would hope they will be OK I need to check with him tomorrow. I make them in different lengths. I tried to take a picture with them in the window but it just washed them out.

These little bunnies and eggs were a real pain to make 
had to take them apart a few times. There for my great grands and I'm sure they won't notice how bad they are. 1 still needs the outer edges sew and then I noticed 1 doesn't have any whiskers haha

That's all I have tonight.

Good Night All

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Checking In

Even though I have been busy this week there still isn't much to tell.

I took my laptop in to the Geek Squad and had it overhauled it was running pretty bad. While I was there I went to look at some iPads and Note Books, I wanted something smaller for my craft - exercise room that came with or could add small key pad. Man some of those things cost more than my laptop. I talked to the sales girl and she showed me a Samsung Tab A  it isn't quite what I wanted but price wise it was pretty good. The Geek Squad guys are so busy so I said I will just take it home and see what I can set up and when I come back for my laptop you can finish it up if need be. So I ground my teeth to nubs and figured out some stuff and put it down. Next morning I got more things figured out but still had a few I couldn't. 

I set it up in my craft room and with my coffee I was able to watch some YT and work on sewing up the last of the bunnies and easter eggs. Then propped it up on the panel of the bike and before I knew it I had passed my goals.

A little while later they called to let me know my laptop was ready so off I went with my book. They finished the set up I wanted and showed me lots of things I could do with it and then we went through the laptop. I love these guys, are polite and they treat you really well. I have ins. on my laptop and they added the book to it. That ins. can save you bundles of money! All this service didn't cost me a penny.

At least it got me out of the house 2 days this week well covered up.

The wind has been horrible for weeks now and it doesn't make for good air with my already crummy lungs, but wearing my mask helped a little with the dust I bought one of those plastic guard to wear under your mask to keep it off you nose and mouth.

I still have to take some pictures of the items I have been working on. I keep telling myself to get that done but while having so much trouble with my laptop it wouldn't transfer the pictures. The guy said its the updates that windows 10 does and instead of making it easier they always mess things up and add more steps for what reason we can't figure out. So hopefully now I can get the pictures I take to transfer.

Good Night All

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Loss

 I received and e-mail today letting me know that one of our Blogger friends Coffee With The  Hermit, Jim has passed away. I read Jim's blog for many years and Jim was the one who talked me into starting my blog. Jim was very special to me as he walked me through a very tough time. Jim my buddy R.I.P  you will be so missed. I kept in touch with Jim through e-mails after he stopped blogging.

I received my first vaccine today what a relief.

I have been doing lots of beading and maybe in a couple days I will share some pictures. Just not tonight

Good Night All

Thursday, February 18, 2021

 Thought I would do a short post. Nothing much going on around here and I think I am thankful for that since there is enough going on in parts of the USA weather wise. We are doing fine and it is are usual winter weather but maybe a bit colder than usual with lots of crazy wind.

People were being warned about this system for about a week before it hit. Why don't people prepare? Some things could not be forseen as the deep freeze that would create frozen pipes causing homes to flood and make life even worse. But not stocking up on food and water is always the first thing you should do. I feel for these poor folks with no heat no electric. People are freezing to death most the old as always. I pray this system passes soon. And of course the self proclaimed big shot Cruz of TX. had the never to fly off to Cancun while his people are hardest hit. What a shit show this man can put on. I think he signed his own fate in politics.

I was to get my first shot tomorrow and I recieved a e-mail saying it has been canceled until next Wed. as we have run out of vaccine due to the bad weather across the country. I understand that but our cry baby governor just doesn't get and I hope he has cut his own throat as well.

Well I have started doing some crafts to pass the time away as watching to much YT and TV started getting to me. I have belonged to a group of crafters, knitters, crocheters and quilters for a few months and figured I could probably do some of the things they do. So ordered stuff from HobbyLobby and had it shipped. I made 3 of these hearts all a little different one went out the door yesterday with my daughter. The piece of wood is suposed to be a stick but since this is the desert its hard to find sticks with out 5,000 stickers. I have found a source so now I have to clean up the sticks. 

I have always loved these strands and I have had one for many years, so today I made my first one. Its about 5' long and I love the way it came out. Its amazing how time flies when keeping your hands busy.

I am on a new medication for my breathing and it is working lots better . I had been talking about this with one of my readers and so I asked my Dr. for a scrip for it. It is very expensive but if I can be more active I will pay the price. Thanks Sondra for reminding me about this medication.

Well before blogger totally a
grivates me I will end this blog.

Please stay safe and warm if at all possible

Good Night All

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Mt. Lemmon

 My daughter took this picture this morning from the front of the store she works at. Picture is a little off because I tried to enlarge it.

It started raining on Sat. and it poured until yesterday morning. As I sat at my desk around 9 am yestersay and turned to look out the window it was snowing huge flakes. The snow lasted until around 10:30 am. I took pictures but I am having trouble since the latest windows 10 updates. 

Windows 10 has been nothing but a problem since it came out. I will have to drop off my laptop with the Geek Squad and have them do a cleanout and fix and look for other problems. We did the phone and online clean up a while back but it didn't help much. Also I used Avast Free for years and never had a problem But I felt with all the hacking going on maybe I needed more so bought in. That caused even more problems. I will have them remove the program. I have so much trouble trying to get on YT now also. 

Well I see another storm is heading our way by Friday so I need to take care of some business tomorrow. It should be warmer like around 65F. 

Good Night All