Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Tires, Windshield Wipers!

After a miss guided employee making a mistake with my appt. at least I picked up Fred's stuff and got out of Walmart fast it was really getting crowded and the lines were long. The day did go down hill from there. But that also got fixed today it's something that I had been fighting since May. Today that also was resolved.

I finally had my tires mounted today. The first appt. was supposed to be Monday at 10am, but the guy put down Sunday. So went in and made the appt. for this morning at 8am. also wanted an oil change but they were short staffed so I'll go back next week. But did get new windshield wipers, needed those really bad. The drivers side was fine but the passenger side was bad.

The monsoons are doing quite well finally. Some days we  get 2 storms one late afternoon then late in wee hours and it rains nice a steady.

Gas is still at $3.99 but beats the $4.89 of a couple of weeks ago. But I still have a full tank since I haven't been anywhere.

Tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping for real. I haven't gone in almost 2 weeks, outside of going to Safeway for veggies last week. Veggies are getting hard to find these days and may have to start buying more frozen ones. I really like fresh produce but we shall see what tomorrow has to offer. I might just have to plug in the little freezer again to hold the frozen foods. It really doesn't pull much electric since it is only 1.1 cu. and if it is full then it doesn't run much at all.

It's thundering again and when I took Fred out saw some great lightening.

Good Night All!

Friday, July 29, 2022

The Monsoon Has Arrived

 We have been getting some nice rains finally. Not to many gully washers here but other parts of town have and just outside of PHX. they have gotten hit hard. The temps are low but of course the humidity is horrible. But the a/c doesn't come on until almost noon as I run fans to keep the air circulating and I keep it at 81 and it does the job until bed time then I turn it down for better sleeping.

Today  I made myself leave the house to mail something important and then stopped at Family Dollar looking for one of those hoses that shrivels up when you turn the water off making them really nice and light weight, but they didn't have any but did find the soap refill I needed, and had table runners so I picked up 3 but may need 1 more to make curtains for the camper,  and 2 gallons of drinking water that used to be .99 and now are a $1.25.

 Since I was right next to Safeway I ran in there to buy my veggies instead of going to Walmart. It looked like they didn't have any zucchini but something made me look behind the bin where they should have been and found 3 stuck back there! I knew I would have to use them quick so tonight I  baked 2 in the toaster oven and saved one for making veggie omelets. Onions are pretty high along with everything else. Eggs of course are still really high so passed on them again. Did pick up a small pack of chicken thighs, there wasn't much in the ground meat only 2 really large packages and boy the price was not friendly and so I did not buy that, did pick up some bacon on sale.

Yesterday I ordered the 2 tires I need for the rear of the truck, yes they were more expensive of course but no point in waiting any longer because we all know they will not come down but possibly go up. They will be delivered to the store and then I can make an apt. to have them installed. Happy to have this done. One more step to getting ready for camping. Next will be solar panels.

I forgot to check the price of gas.

Good Night All

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Just A Quick One

 Not doing much these days just trying to stay cool. I did get out early this morning and cleaned up the yard and carport since it was trash day. But it was 84 F at 6:30am.

 The baby shower is coming up so I figured I better make the matching hat, made it a little bigger than a new born because by time it cools down enough for her to wear she will grow into it. .

Once it is on the head it will shorten up.

That's about it folks, since I never did go shopping I really have to since I need things for Fred, can't have him go without!

Good Night All

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Shopping And Gas

Figured I, better gas up the truck before it goes past 3/4 tank mark and the price goes any higher. Well I, was so happy to see it came down .12 cents, but still cost me $37. 

Groceries seem to be leveling off and a few items have gone down. I thought I had done well but still spent a little over hundred dollars. Veggies have kept the price the same but so many have not been on the shelves. Tomorrow I, have to pick up a prescription at Safeway so I, hope they have zucchini and a few other veggies I couldn't find today.

We are back in the triple digits again. The past 2 early morning were so beautiful. I took off for gas and shopping around 6:45 am and by time I left the store at 8:00 am it was already 89 degrees. and it just kept climbing to 103. Used the cooler until around 1 then had to change over to the A/C. The humidity is way down which means no rain. Guess we aren't going to have a very good monsoon again.

Good Night All!

Sunday, July 3, 2022



And remember please don't drink and drive!! And to all the fools who thing shooting up in the air those damn bullets do come back down!!

Friday, July 1, 2022


 Finally we had a good hard rain!!

Took the pictures with my phone and it won't let me copy the video!

Oh look how the water is not draining properly, glad I paid a fortune to have the gutters cleaned 2 weeks ago.😡👎 And I won't mention the mess I was left to clean up.

Good Night All

Monday, June 27, 2022

It Rained!!

 After thinking the rain was just another empty forecast, it hit in the wee hours. It rained hard it woke me up for a few minutes as it was hitting the metal roof of the carport. Of course I fell right back to sleep so have no idea how long it lasted but there was plenty of puddles this morning. This is a better way for the monsoons to start, as it will start to soften the earth so that if it really does come it will soak in better. Of course that doesn't mean the washes won't run wild and fools who think they can drive across and cause huge messes and rescue and in some cases death.

Anyway I said I would post a picture of the hook up side of the  power source. Of course I guess I need to explain I didn't mean the charging of the unit went fast then seemed to take a long time. I know you shouldn't every receive a completely empty battery they all have a certain amount of a charge. If it is completely empty chances are the battery isn't going to be a very good one. What I mean was the excitement of having it fully charged made it seem like it took forever, it didn't. Today I charged my cell phone and it really charged great and didn't use any power or take more time than with it being charged with shore power, yes someone will have something to say about that term. But I'm sure most will know that means house outlet.

Like I said it has everything I need. I will order solar panels after I buy the 2 new tires for the rear of the truck. No rush since I'm sure it will not be cool enough to go camping until mid to end of Oct.

Good Night All