Wednesday, May 11, 2022

All Planted

Hope you lovely ladies had a wonderful Mothers Day. My daughter Debbie showed up with a load of plants and then took me to breakfast.   We came back to the house and managed to sit out on the porch until the wind came up again. We did spend some time visiting in the house and then she was off to other visits.

Later my daughter Tracy came with a gorgeous  potted plant and bag of dirt. We spent some time catching up on things and her medical issues. Getting appt. with the right Dr. is such a hassle and takes forever. I just want someone to make her better.

 Took me 2 days to get everything planted. It wasn't like a dozen plants or anything just trying to figure out where to put them and then the wind put a stop to the day. These flowers were mothers day gifts from my daughters.


These flowers in the window box are not gifts but the planter was a gift from Tracy, and I had to find a bracket for it. Then discovered the one I had was fine.

Crooked neck squash

 Now to try and keep them alive! We are headed into triple digits this week. 😡 So will be cooking up some meals to be frozen so I won't have to use the oven very often. Of course I can always make things in the Air Fryer or toaster over.

Try to get things done early in the morning before 10am when it starts to warm up.

Good Night All

Saturday, May 7, 2022


 Hope you are going to have a great day. And also to the Dads who do double duty with your kids.

Starting to get pretty warm around these parts, but still doable. 

Not much to report still cleaning up around the outside as the winds have delivered lots of filth. Going to have the gutters cleaned after the roofing is done. It will be nice to have a handy man again for all those small pesky jobs. He took some things off with him today that I didn't know how to get rid of. 

Tomorrow I will go out to breakfast with my daughter if we can find a place we can get into. 

Good Night All

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Just The Same Stuff

More yard work, cleaning up more of the porch and planted some flowers. I didn't take pictures with the camera only the phone so they aren't here. 

Had the insurance guy here and a the roofer. Roof is really old so you know they gave the least amount towards the new roof.  I'm on the schedule for the end of May! These guys are swamped and I am not surprised with these winds. Told him as long as he gets me in before the monsoons start. We may be cutting it close. I picked a white energy efficient white roof.

Been working on the baby blanket in the afternoons and early evening. I ordered the amount of yarn that was called for but I realized it was not going to be enough so ordered more. I can always use any left over for a matching hat and maybe just a smaller lap blanket for maybe the car seat or what ever.

We reached 98 today but the cooler is doing a great job of keeping the house comfortable. The house stays pretty cool until about 11 am and then the cooler kicks on. And as I just typed this it shut off. It's nice to have a thermostat with the cooler.

Good Night All

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Some Of This, Some Of That/ Happy Easter

Seems most of us have crazy weather stories going on, here the same. After the hot weather last week and having to use the cooler, it turned cold again and 2 mornings I had to turn on the heat for about an hour as it was 63 degrees  in the house. It did warm up some in the afternoons. It is back to warm and getting warmer.

So to give my self something to do I went out and cleaned the shed so have a big bag of junk to throw out. Need to call to see when the next Big Brothers, Big Sisters will be in the area as I have more stuff from the shed to go.

The guy next door finally hired someone to cut back the bushes, and he had been cutting the mesquite tree back for a couple of weeks, that tree makes the worst mess every and very hard to clean up. MsBelinda, if Terlingua Dreams, knows how that goes. That was great and I was able to tackle my yard work. Of course that made a large bag of trash and the very back section still needs raking and will produce another bag for trash.

Today I tackled the porch, it was so filthy from all the wind. It's all vacuumed so tomorrow I'll go out with a bucket of soapy water and clean up more on the chairs and little tables. It will be nice to be able to sit out early in the mornings to have my coffee before the real heat starts up and I have to hide out in the house.

Last weekend my grandson, and his wife, announced the baby gender and we will be welcoming a new baby girl. That makes great grandbaby #9. I, jumped right on the computer and ordered a very large box of diapers and a very pretty yarn in shades of white and a few shades of pink. I, started on that after I, showered all the grime off me from working on the porch. 

Wishing you all a Happy Easter if you celebrate. 

Good Night All

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Short Trip

 Tues. looked like it was going to be a perfect day so off we went. It was not! The predicted temps was supposed to be 80F. I have no idea what it was but we roasted. I was afraid Fred was going to have heat stroke so I kept wetting him down. When I finally finished setting up and sat down under the chair umbrella and added more shade with the folding table he finally settled down. Trying to give him all the shade I was pretty much with the sun on my back. He did have shade before but I think his being deaf has effected his sense of security. Even at home if he can't see me he starts to whine.  

Anyway it was just so hot and I did bring a fan but it did nothing for inside the camper. I need to find the ones everyone is raving about that can be charged with usb. But until Fall I'm sure I won't be going anywhere. If I had been alone I think I would have managed but couldn't take the chance. Got up very early and had very little sleep and struggled with staying another night but knew it wouldn't work and they called for higher temps. So packed up and sat and had half a cup of coffee and enjoyed the nice cool morning. Around 7am I loaded up Fred and headed for home.

Just a few pictures of camp 

I don't know what has happened to my computer as far as pictures go but it doesn't put them in order as you load them, and there are pictures missing. I had a picture of Fred in his bed at my feet and a picture of the table set up. Guess it's time to see the Geek Squad 

I took his bed out and put it next to me at the chair. As I look at this picture I don't even think it was from this trip, but the set up was pretty much the same but the table was set up this trip to show the stove and some of the collapsible items and the wind screen I made for around the stove, it worked great there was quite a breeze 

I kept trying to making the blanket stripes straight but I had to keep going in and out and had to put the bungie cord to keep the door from swinging all the way back. The curtains do not match but when I first set this camper up I couldn't find anything to fit so I went with these from Big Lots before they closed the store nearest to where I live. I really don't want to spend anymore money until I know I am going to continue to camp. I added the little drawer unit that I already had it sure helped to store more things out of the way. I glued a floor tile to the top so I can set things up there a clock, water and cup for brushing teeth. The drawers hold wipes meds, note pads, pens, glasses all sorts of things. The luggable loo is covered with the bag the sheets came in LOL hey it matches the sheets and pillow. Photos are from when I used to travel around Northeastern White Mountains, but you really can't see them in the photos

The blanket was definitely not needed, and as you can see I brought along crocheting which due to the heat I never touched

Good Night All

Monday, March 28, 2022

Is It Time To Close Blogger?

 First I am not camping as we had a terrible change in the weather. After 3 days of temps in the low 90's the high today was 76F. The wind started up around noon today and just became more fierce as the day went on. We had one good down pour so far and more rain is coming and is forecast to rain most of tomorrow with the high for the day 59F. Guess I'll just have to play it day by day. The truck is ready to roll and all I need to add is food and the last minute bag.

Now for blogger, I see the font size changes at whim and never stays the size you want and have to constantly reset, this new problem of font you don't see unless you go back after posting and see it. But the biggest problem are the losers who have started leaving comments. I have tried to get rid of this Sevan or what ever the fools name is 4 times from the last post and yes I clicked on delete forever and it comes right back again. I have reported it to blogger and they don't seem to care who gets on or how many complaints you send. I might look into the other posting place. 

Good Night All!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Loaded And The Last Minute Bag!

Got the truck loaded of course  not the food. Hope to roll out Monday. 

Started the last minute bag as you know you always think of something after everything was loaded. Made up bags of dog food and treats for Fred. Ground some coffee beans to add to the can of the worst coffee ever to fix the taste, I pre tested it to make sure it works it does.  Charged little camping lights and gathered up some batteries for lanterns. Anything more that needs to be done I can do once I get to the campground as far as changing things or putting things up. Once the I get there I will take pictures so you can see some of the changes.

Did lots of clearing out again and tomorrow Big Brothers , Big Sisters, will pick up so had to get it all outside today. I had more but ran out of steam.

Tomorrow I, will hit up Walmart for a few things to take along.

Good Night All