Monday, July 26, 2021

Fabulous Monsoon

 We had 3 1/2 glorious days of constant rain. Some really hard down pours and just sprinkles but it was non stop. Would wake up to some really loud thunder and then hard rain which just put me right back to sleep. Unfortunetly for some they had flooding. And of course those who never learn and drive into washes and need to be rescued, that will cost them plenty in fines and the for the rescue. I live pretty high up so I don't have a problem with water. I don't know how how it went at the bottom of the Village since I didn't venture out.  They say if we get 1-2 more inches before the end of the week it will be the wetest July since the mid 1800.  We are looking at more rainThur and Friday. But it still hasn't been enough to end the droubt but it sure has helped. Everything is so green and it all looks beautiful.

I was happy for the sun coming out today as I had and eye exam scheduled  for this morning. Happy to say all is well and I only need readers which I buy at the the Dollar Tree.

So that's my big news haha not much going on  here as usual.

Good Night All

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

More Chores Done!

 Had 2 more great storms come through with lots of rain. But we have a long way to go to end the drought sure hope we can get close to fixing the problem.  Doesn't look like anymore storms until Sunday.

Yesterday went and had my new tires put on and thought it was still cool enough to check the lines at emissions since it was only a few blocks away. Great only a few cars and I was in and out and yes MsBlue past with flying colors. Came home and did tag renewal on line for 2yrs.

Of course by then I was ready for a good cup of  coffee . The coffee  was made why I didn't take a travel mug with me I have no idea. 

So today just did some laundry and enjoyed a nice slow no rush morning. Tomorrow grocery delivery day and once that is done I will run to Safeway for some fresh veggies.  Having guests over tomorrow daughter Debbie  and granddaughter Aliya.

Good Night All

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Busy Week

 I finally made myself leave the house and go to Super Walmart on Wed. I spent plenty of money since I haven't been shopping for anything other than grocery and some other household things. I spent about 2.5 hrs in there walking all over the store looking for things thatn weren't where they used to be. So many items are now under lock and key so you have to wait for someone to come open up the case. 

Then it was off to Safeway to pick up some meds. By then it was over 100F so I went straight home.

Thursday  it was hair cut day and truck wash it sure needed it bad. Of course the wind is howling out there and the truck will be covered in dirt again.

Friday it was Freds turn for a much needed bath and nail trim.  On the way home topped off my gas which was really expensive I still think the pump was wrong need   check my receipt. 

Today was lunch with my daughter who I used to always go to lunch with before corona.

I thought OK next week I'm free. NOPE new tires are in and so I have an early appt. to get them put on and  then up pops my registration for the truck which mean it needs emissions so I will take care of that early Tue. morning at least the rest can be done on line.

I ordered a hitch step for the truck and that showed up to. I am really happy to have found that as carting around the ladder was a  pain in the butt and was heavy and took up more space.

I know I shouldn 't show my plate but I tried to cover it over and then it wouldn't let me go any further. I will have to move the plate out of the way as it can be  hazzardes to the ankle. Really don't need any injuries. The step is larger than it looks in the picture. I may still need a small step stool on the ground.  Now all I need is for a big drop in the temps and I'm on my way somewhere.


We just had a severe weather warning. I had seen one earlier  today but it was for much further west near the boarder. 2 huge gust came through and I quick put Fred out. the dirt was so bad you could  barely see the mountains behind my house. I pulled my shirt up over my mouth and nose and made quick work of his job. LOL All seems to  be calm already.

Good Night All

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Will This Be It?

Will this Fall be it, I really need this to be the year I get to go camping! Today I ordered tires for the truck finally. A couple of days ago I ordered a hitch step, You slide it into the hitch of the truck and put in the carter pin. I am sick of carting that ladder around so I can get in and out of the back of truck. It's heavy and adds to my space. I hate making plans anymore as something always gets in the way. I don't have any appt.s until Dec. so everything should be fine. I'll do a close by camping and then see how it goes. I'll either keep going or come home and do the laundry and if anything else is needed or not needed I will make the adjustments and then take it from there. Now none of this will happen until late Sept. or early Oct. no way am I going anywhere in this heat. I need to pull most of the stuff out of the camper to give it a good cleaning and wash the bedding which will remain in the house to stay clean.

As for the rain, it took a hike on us as usual but the humidity is still pretty high for us and the temps are on the rise again. OH well that's Tucson for you.

Good Night All


Saturday, July 3, 2021

Rain! Happy Fourth Everyone!!

We had a pretty good rain yesterday afternoon into late evening. Today we only had spit and miss. A couple times the sky was so dark and the wind would pick up and then nothing. They say tomorrow we are in for some real rain again we shall see.

 Feel bad for those who may be planning a BBQ and other outdoor activities. I have no planes but to hang out at home. If I can get my propane tank out of the shed I might roast some veggies and maybe make a sausage or hamburger pattie. But with this humidity I doubt I will want to bother. 

I went to lunch with daughter Debbie and little Miliany yesterday it sure was nice to get out and be with them. Miliany is always very entertaining, singing put on shows with her Barbies.

Please be careful and do not drink and drive!

Good Night All

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Is That Thunder!

 Yes it was! Started as a low rumbing that went of for a few hours. Then it sprinkled a bit. And then it was a loud crack and it poured down rain. What a heavenly sound and smell. Sat out on the porch for a bit and really enjoyed it.  Rained pretty good for a while then died down. But drizzled on an off. Just as I was going off to bed it poured again and more thunder. What a lovely sound. I awoke to a good thunder and more pouring rain which put me right back to sleep. I hope it reached the fires as good as it rained here.

Of course it was quite humid today but well worth it. And they said it wasn't going to rain yesterday. lol

Temps are on the rise again but it was nice while it lasted in the mid 90's for those couple of days.

Good Night All

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Scammers and Hackers At Amazon

 Got a strange email today from Amazon Security about  how they locked my account and put a hold on my order. Well I don't have an Amazon account so I surely haven't taken out any orders. But this is why I closed my account with them last year when 3 people I know had their accounts drained of every penny in their checking account or had huge charges on credit cards. So be aware!!. I also recieved something like this from PayPal another thing I don't like or use.

The heat finally broke a bit and I thought I might have to dig out my hoody this morning when I went out. The high for today was only 97 F.  but my reading was 102F tomorrow calling for 94 and partly cloudy.WOW maybe I should get out my hoody. Of course by Thur.  climbing back up. It had called for rain but that seems to not be happening. 

We are in full fire season it is just to dry. 2 new fires were lightening caused. All are not contained or not enough to count. Just pray all fire  fighters and first respondes to stay safe and also all those who have been evacuated. And the ones who refuse to leave so they can save their homes! All they do is cause more problems for those fighters and first responders and cause deaths.

Good Night All