Wednesday, November 23, 2022


 First, previous comments showed up. But then I couldn't find New Post. Come on Google what's your problem!???

Well I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mine is going to be very quiet  and I'm fine with that.

I received my newest Covid booster shot and it should do everything. Of course that's what they said when I went for my second booster LOL

Wanted to get my truck washed but the place was packed yet all the workers from the end had nothing to do and were just standing around, while the beginning lines had no workers. Well supposed to get windy again tomorrow and Friday so why waste the money. But I sure hate a filthy truck! Maybe I will at least try to hose it off.

Good Night All

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

OH MY What Now!!

 I see there has been changes to Blogger. I guess we can no longer manage comments? This may be the end of blogging for me if the spammers come back.

Trying to get my Christmas shopping done. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE SHOPPING!! Well at least the rest of the gifts will be gift cards. Spent 4 1/2 hrs. yesterday going from 1 store to the next. I was looking for a certain gift so went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, what have we here? Nothing, store is closing and just odds and ends left. On to the next 3 stores. Kind of found what I was looking for in store #4 within  about 15min. then spent 45min. waiting on line to check out, hate that store, I figured I got there early enough but NO!. Then hit Dollar Tree for  birthday wrapping paper, Christmas bags and tissue paper and crawled back to the truck and called it a day. I'm sure I'll find I missed someone at the last min.

The weather has been below average for this time of year but I am not complaining I love it!

Good Night All!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022


 Fall has arrived and it has been pretty chilly. I'm loving it have waited for it since April. Thur. night we are going to drop down into the 30's and the days high will be in the low 60's, that will last only a couple of days then warm up a wee bit. Tomorrow the flannel sheets will go on the bed.

I have made a couple pots of chicken soup already and one beef stew. Been collecting some new soup recipes. Yes I love my soups. Today to warm up the place I made a meat loaf. Tomorrow I'm going to bake up some Cheesy Chicken. Also will cook up lots of veggies.

Also made some outdoor preparations. Drained the cooler and covered the outdoor faucets. Still need to disconnect the hose. 

I really need to get some Christmas shopping done! I only have 1 child done. And I thought I had 1 daughter done and then received an email the order was canceled due to lack of stock, then remove the item from your online list. I have my other daughters birthday gift coming which is Dec. 21, now to figure out what to get her for Christmas. No you never combine the gifts and never wrap her birthday gift in Christmas paper or bag LOL 

Other than that not to much else going on did some sewing and lots of crocheting. Doubt I will finish the blanket I am working on in time to gift it.

I don't see camping happening as Fred is just to old and he hates it. He is having issues now with arthritis and of course he is deaf which I have already mentioned, plus his sight isn't all that great either. Sometimes I think he forgets why he wanted to go outside or maybe he just wants to see me jump up and down to let him out, I don't leave him out there alone as it was reported that javelina have been sighted in the Village, I have not seen them but won't take any chances. I have a small fenced area for Fred but it can easily be knocked over by those things.  I'm not in that great of shape to be lifting him in and out of the truck when he has to go pottie or just wants back in the truck and then out again. He thinks he owns me!

Good Night All

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Donation Time!

As I, mentioned before I, started my, fall cleaning. I wound up with 3 huge bags of clothing, comforter and and assortment of other items to go. I, called Big Brothers, Big Sisters, for the scheduled pick up date here in the Village. So tomorrow will be pick up day. I, brought everything outside today and loaded up in the driveway, I, figured as long as I, still had room and energy why not grab stuff out of the shed. So now I'm so happy that all this STUFF  is leaving my house and shed. Just keep asking myself why and how do I accumulate so much STUFF!!!

There is still so much more in the shed to go but I, will wait until after Christmas, to do another load. I, still need to put an ad in Market Place to get rid of some camping gear I, haven't used in years and probably never will.

Have a Dr. appt. with a new real Dr. tomorrow as the other thing just wasn't working out at all. I, was able to get an appt. with a Dr. I, went to years ago and I really like her. 

Good Night All!

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Cooler Temps!!

 While monsoon season is officially over we have been getting lots of rain this week with thunder and lightening. But nice lower temps in the 80's for daytime highs and 60's for night. Sleeping is fantastic and even added a light blanket. 

Using the cooler  it's nice not to run the A/C so far. The new bill was under $100. YIPPEE!!!

I stopped to fill my water jogs yesterday and buy some fresh veggies, when all was said and done I spent over $100.. But as I walked around to see about bargains there weren't any and I thought I better pic up some things to stock up before the prices went even higher! I have a feeling I will be eating lots of home made soups soon. And yes MsBelinda the shelves are looking a little empty, but mostly the store brands, and TP shelves weren't  very full and the prices really sky rocketed and paper plates too, guess I'll be washing dishes because I'm not spending that kind of money for paper plates. Gas has already gone up to $3.69. Which may make my camping trips very local.

Started getting some cleaning going on and took a few days just in my bedroom, Taking down the drapes was tough, putting them back up especially tough since they were kind of wet was a real challenge but I did it, since one one side the dresser is in front of one window and the bed is in front of the other. I remember when moving furniture wasn't a problem but well I'm old now! 

I now have 3 large bags for donations and a bag went out to the trash. I still have the top shelf in the closet to go but I will do that Tues when I put the other items out for the donation pick up.

It has been so nice in the mornings now that I use the over to make some extra meals for the freezer. I had missed cooking oven foods, like stuffed peppers, meat loaf and baked chicken.

Guess that's it for now.

Good Night All

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Watching Ian

 Ian, is a huge storm and can be very dangerous. I have very good friends in  Port St. Lucy, they say they should get some high winds and lots of rain. They live further inland but this storm has made lots of turns and is all over the place. Blessing to anyone in the path of this huge hurricane. 

Yesterday I, had to fill my water jugs, thought I would just pick up a few things but thought as long as I was there to just get it done. I did get some good buys on chicken thighs so bought a nice bulk pack. I buy bone in and skin on, I'm not paying someone to take off the skin and I like having the bone in. There was 10 pieces I pulled off all the skin then double  bagged them  and put then in the freezer, I have plenty of thighs now as I have been stocking up as I eat lots of chicken and will also be using them for soup. Also picked up 2pks of ground beef that were on sale for $ 4.45. Bought a few canned items for storage. The items that are still not on the shelves are mostly Great Value stuff. I like their liquid eggs but they haven't had them in a while and I will not buy egg beater as they are almost $8.00. I lucked out last week at Safeway, when once again a dz. eggs were only $1.97 so picked up 2dz. Also found good deals on stew meat and picked up a couple pkgs. today I made beef stew. So I have plenty of stew and chicken soup in the freezer. Because you KNOW ITS GOING TO GET COLD SOON RIGHT!! 

It just feels good to get some cooking done know that it has cooled down a bit.

I have been filling  1gl. jugs for drinking water and what a difference in taste. I had been using a Pur filtering system and it was still leaving that nasty white crust on the coffee machine and even the filter itself. So I threw it all away and bought a couple jugs of water and so now I have 6 gl. jugs the water costs .29 at the Neighborhood Grocery Store. I may pick up another 2gl. I really drink a lot of water. I bought a 3gl. container that fits perfectly on the fridge shelf so I fill that up and slide it onto the shelf. and just fill up the drinking bottles with the spout.

Supposed to get a storm tomorrow but they said that last week so who knows. 

Good Night All

Sunday, September 18, 2022

No More Triple Digits?

 We seem to be doing the 90's right now and nights are high 60's to mid 70's loving it. I have been using the cooler now instead of the A/C for about 3 days and it is cooling down the house perfectly since the humidity has also dropped. But monsoon season isn't quite over yet.

Yesterday it was weed spraying day so I got out there and got it all done or so I thought. Usually with in a few hours you can see the weeds dying. But when I went out they still looked green and healthy. Even today they looked healthy. When I went out to do something I notice the empty plastic container, Bug Spray doesn't not kill weeds. So off to the store tomorrow for more weed killer.

Fred goes to the groomer tomorrow his nails are so long and he smells bad.

Then off to Safeway to pick up more meds that they didn't have enough to fill my order last week. Trying something different for the COPD and so far so good. It also gave me a chance to check out my little power station, I have done 6 treatments and there is still lots of battery power left. I pay less for 3mths of meds compared to 1 mth. of Trelegy at $165. and when I called them to see about a coupon or some sort of help they said, We DON'T HELP ANYONE OVER 65!!! EXCUSE ME BUT ISN'T THAT DISCRIMINATION!!!???

I have been working on a new afghan for a while but had to put it aside when is was to hot to deal with. This is continued color on a skein. It may be a Christmas gift for one of the little ones.

Not much else going on just working on the getting the house done for fall clean up. There is a corner of a fall pillow sticking out from behind the afghan LOL

Good Night All!