Friday, June 5, 2020

Storm Brewing Out There

I"ll try to get this post finished just in case this storm cuts the electric. 

I have been cleaning up the yard as the trees of other neighbors like my yard and carport so much. But at least it's something to do besides sit around.

Of course I still have been cooking and running out of room. I'm not one for canned foods but since things aren't looking good with this virus I decided to put some in my stores. I picked up a couple of cans of beef, chicken and lots of tuna. Also some packets of mashed potatoes, canned beets, olives I have dried beans and lentils that I store in glass jars with a bay leaf,( the bay leaf came as a tip from a reader) Thank You! 

My kids drop by and that is always nice. Today my daughter Tracy, granddaughter Aliya and my greatgrands to. We enjoyed a pizza lunch.

This morning I had a follow up appt, with my Dr. on my labs and everything was great. And don't have to go back for 6mths. Just have to get a chest x ray to take to the pulmonologist next month. I like my new Dr. and I hope the pulmonologist is just as nice and I won't have to see him often as the office is quite far. 

As for the mess this country is in I don't feel a need to talk about it since it is already being discussed everywhere. It was wrong plain and simply and he is a murderer.

The weather has been brutally hot so don't go out after 10 am. I even changed my grocery delivery to between 8-9 am and let me tell you by time I finish cleaning it all down with alcohol and put all in my own bags it is already hot out there. 

Home Depot got the freezers in and never did notify me, I just happened to be checking around all the stores and there it was. So I guess I'll order it but need someone to help bring in the house. I'm not paying $50. delivery charge.

Hope everyone is staying safe and well.

Good Night All

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Figured I Better Hop On Over

I read on several blogs about some new blogger set up. Well happy to see I'm still on the old one. But for how long I have no idea.

Still not much going on aroud here. Just cooking some new recipes but running out of freezer room again. I'm on a contact list with Home Depot for a small freezer. People are buying them up like crazy and I don't blame them. 

I'm trying to stock up on certain foods and house hold items. Walmart still doesn't have a good stock of things. And now people are buying up coffee filters to line their masks. Great! I'm using the small sized ones and so far they have held the grinds in as long as I don't make a larger pot of coffee. For years I had one of those screen type filters but since I never used it I got rid of it. Seems to be the way all the time get rid of something then you need it.

I need to call the Big Boys, Big Girls ass. to see if they are going to start picking up donations so I can get my shed cleaned up and find a good spot for the freezer.

Today it was 106 F and the rest of the week looks the same with Monday dropping back down into the 90's. Been putting lots of water sources out for the poor birds.

Good Night All

Monday, May 18, 2020

Catching Up

The weather had cooled down a bit but it is on the rise for the next few days, then back down again. Of course the wind has been a real pain in the neck.

Sat. my grandson Anthony stopped by with the little ones to pick up a package that was sent here for him. It was wonderful to see them and all wearing masks made out of t-shirt sleeves LOL it was a really nice visit. Of course no pictures.

Sunday my daughter stopped by for her pkg and she brought along her granddaughter another fun visit.

Today I was getting another grocery delivery. I thought that big order I did last time would do me for the month but OH NO. But the porch was filthy so at 8 am I went out and vacuumed it down and set up my sanitizing station. The order came right on time and it was the same couple as last time. Really nice couple and very respectful and friendly. As soon as they left I brought out my own bags and got to work wiping everything down with alcohol and then rebagged it and brought in the house. Got done just in time as once again the wind was coming up. I put up the cold stuff and sat for a few minutes to catch my breath. Then rearranged to pantry it was quite disorganized again. Finally got that all done and moved up to vacuuming the living room and hallway. 

Tomorrow I really need to get out of the house and get to Super Walmart for a new phone and a new plan. Also have a small list of things to pick up there that they don't have at the Neighborhood Grocery Store.

A word of caution ordering from Michael's or any place using UPS. I ordered  3 different items at different times from them and I never received them they made it as far as Oregon and that was that. You cannot get anywhere with UPS or Michael's. The are only using a virtual chat system which goes nowhere. I called the local store today and she said she doesn't have a record of anything ordered on line and was telling me to use the chat. I explained I already tried that and it isn't even a working chat. She claims she sent them an e-mail and asked them to call me. well that never happened either. UPS is really failing these days. My daughter also never received and item she ordered from JC Penny, she finally received a refund. That was also a UPS. the other item she ordered came in 4 days from Fed Ex. UPS is using the excuse it's because of Covid 19 NO! If other companies are delivering on time and even early sometimes then lets not use Covid as an excuse UPS

Good Night All

Monday, May 11, 2020

Wonderful Mothers Day

Happy to say our temps have dropped into the mid to low 90's  for at least a week.

I had a wonderful Mothers Day that started Sat. and ended Sunday. My daughter Tracy and granddaughter Aliya stopped on Sat. and brought some lunch it was a really nice visit. Sunday my daughter Debbie came by and brought diner. I heard from a couple of my other grand kids also. Hope all you moms out there had a wonderful day

Other than that nothing else is going on. Stay safe and well

Good Night All

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Somethings Are Showing Up

We had 2 days of cooler weather with high 90's, but back to triple digits today and 105 for tomorrow. Time to remember to put out water for the birds.

Did a big grocery order and it was delivered yesterday. Really stocked up so hopefully will last the rest of the month. I even received the 12 pk of TP and 2 large boxes of tissues. My daughter found paper towels, Lysol wipes, disenfecting spray and flour now all I need is yeast. It was time for laundry soap and fabric softner and that always adds up I even ordered and extra can of coffee. They did substitute some items but that was OK but had to laugh at the 1 tomatoe in place of a container of cherry tomatoes, sure happy I had ordered 3 tomatoes as well. And some items I wanted to order and were out of order so I ordered a different brand and got the ones I originally wanted. So I have plenty of stuff and now I know I can freeze fresh veggies it will last longer.

Sunday, my daughter stopped by with little Miliany and it was so nice to have real peope in the house to talk to and be entertained. Miliany was showing me her dance moves LOL. And I finally was able to give her her birthday gift. I found it at Michaels and it is a craft kit. She loved it and already had my daughter helping her put things together.

And today my new vacuum cleaner came so I put that together and of course I had to try it out. It is so much lighter than the old one and I can set the hight much easier than the old one. Debbie took the old one. But these new ones only come with one wand and no furniture tool. But I had one and I can use the wands from the shop vac if I need it to be longer.

They started opening up restaurants. The last video put out by the Mayor said we needed to drop the numbers first. Well how is it that there was an increase of 200 new cases and still she let them open. I understand that the owners of these places are struggling but what will they do when a huge wave of sick people starts to climb? Me I'm staying put If you need to eat something from a restaurant order curb side pick up or have it delivered.

Stay well and safe

Good Night All 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Heat Is On!

We are into triple digits already and I am not happy!

Yesterday went out and raked up the mess from the Mesquite tree next door, it's a beautiful tree but it makes a horrible mess. It needs a good trimming away from my yard but...

 I went out very early this morning to spray down the windows as they were filthy. I used a product put out by Windex that you attach to the garden hose. Well the dust is gone but oh the spots. The water here is so nasty. When I used this at my place in the mountains the windows sparkeled. So I will have to get out there again tomorrow and use a pad on a stick with vinegar and water and hope for the best. I hate dirty windows.

I'm happy the cooler is doing a great job keeping the house comfortable. In the morning I open up the house for the fresh air and cool breeze but by 10:30 am I close up and just leave the window in the living room opened a crack to push out the warm air and allow the cooler to do it's job. 

Allergies seem to have calmed down and that is wonderful. Especially since most of the cooler duct work has cleaned itself out with a little help from my shop vac. and constant vacuuming and dusting. Also the trees have stopped blowing pollen everywhere.

My afghan is coming along pretty good and I'm pleased with it. I don't work on it everyday as I need to rest my hands and wrists and work on other things.

Well that's about it for me and the last few days.

Take care stay home if possible and be safe and well

Good Night All

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Nothing Really

Have done lots of cleaning since the cooler really did blow lots of dust out of the duct work no matter how I tried to vacuum them out. But a good deep cleaning never hurt anything and it isn't like I have anything else to do.

I did another Walmart order and it went very well this time. Still items not available but most of the things were.

Been going out in the mornings to get some fresh air before the winds start up. Stayed out to long the other day and I paid for it. Didn't get much sleep that night due to the allergies kicking up. Things are covered in yellow pollen. 

Have been working on my afghan but wanted to add another color. Amazon prices went up and the first order was for 3 bundles the next time it was only 2 for the same price as 3. Nope not playing the gouge game. I new I could find it at Walmart but just couldn't bring myself to go there. An add popped up for Michaels about curbe side pick up. So I went on the web page and picked out the color I wanted and found elastic for the maskes. They send you an e mail when it is ready. Well it was ready in 15 min. So hopped in the truck and the girl put it in the back of the truck. Back home in 15 min. and no contact with anyone.

As I was going to pick up my order I passed a few gas stations and the price is down to $1.86! Of course I have a full tank of gas since I haven't gone anywhere since I filled up. Oh well can't win them all.

Also been doing some cooking and freezing. I really wanted some spinach but they never have any frozen and only fresh was available. I googled to see if it could be frozen and sure enough. So now I have spinach for when I want it. 

Tomorrow my daughter is going to stop by, she has been working from home and staying put so we are both safe. It will be nice to have some human contact and with a special person.

You all stay safe and well.

Good Night All