Sunday, November 13, 2016

Getting Things Done

Did my shopping for Thanksgiving, I did it in 2 trips so it wouldn't be so heavy to carry into the house all at once. Yesterday I thought I heard something hit the house so I went and looked around nothing today I went to make a salad for a late lunch and found that one of the cans of crescent rolls popped open. I sure hope that doesn't happen to anymore Or I'll bring them back.

Tuesday I had my granddaughter and the girls over for lunch it was a nice visit. Little Miss Mia is walking and she sure can get around. Babies sure get busy when they start walking. I sure enjoyed having them over.

It was a slow week after Tues.  so I puttered around the house and dusted and dusted with all the winds we have been having. Washed the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Today Tracy and I went out for our Sunday breakfast and then hit up a couple stores. I bought some new flannel sheets finally since the other sets are so old they aren't very flannel anymore and the price was really good. I also picked up a pair of slip on sneakers for a quick get out the door when I am running late or making a quick stop somewhere. And a cute little outfit for Miss Mia's 1 st. birthday.

Then we went to the Mission to light a candle. You can tell the winter people are back already as it sure was crowded and a mass was going on. Tracy went to the little Novena building off to the side to light the candles. I backed out as the little building was so crowded and it sure was hot in there. 

After that we headed back to my house we were really tired out. It was a good day and we sure got our walking in.

Good Night All


  1. Please tell me where you get all your energy! I have so much to do this coming week I don't know where to begin. I guess I should get out my set of flannel sheets, but the weather isn't going to turn chilly until the last part of the week. Sacramento almost is never cold enough to really need flannel sheets.

  2. Love going out for breakfast on Sundays. However, do you too find that is the busiest time for restaurants?

  3. Busy as always. I feel like a slug when I read your posts. I'm lounging around avoiding unpacking as you are running around shopping and dusting and mopping. Wanna come to my house? LOL

  4. I have not even thought about Thanksgiving yet guess I should start planning something!

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    Believe me it is a struggle to get moving it's much to easy to just around. I washed the new flannel sheets but I am not going to put them on until it gets really cold since I don't like using the furnace much at all. We can get down into the 30's quite often.

    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes we love going out for breakfast, but now with all the winter people coming in it gets really hard to find a place so we are going to switch it up to lunch now since the weather has cooled down.

    Hi Nancy,

    We have had so much wind and since it hasn't rained the dust is awful and with these allergies I try to keep it all as dust free as possible. Ah thanks for the invite but I think I'll pass if your waiting with a dust rag and mop hahaha.

    Hi Sondra,

    I haven't had Thanksgiving here in a long time. I will do lots of baking and make a few different veggies and one of my grandsons wants stuffing which is fine since I was the only one to eat before. Still don't know who's making the turkey lol Somehow I thing it will be me even if someone else is buying it.

  6. Glad you got a break in the weather. It's been cold here...well, everything is relative if you think about up north--some places got almost 4 feet.

    Wish you, Fred, and the family and wonderful Thanksgiving.