Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Shots Done

 This morning I went to the Kino Sports Complex and received my second shot ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜. I'm so happy this is done. Arm is getting  a little sore but I keep moving it around and I am drinking lots of water, but I do that anyway. In 2 weeks I am going shopping and yes wearing a mask. Picked up 2 new ones yestersay got them wash and ready to go.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. The wind gave us a break and I took advantage and grilled some veggies and a steak. It was such a delight.

That's really all I have.

Good Night All


  1. To me, just getting the 2nd one was a relief. It will remain to be seen what happens next - boosters, not effective and so on. I have confidence and my gut feeling was good.

  2. Hi Emily,

    Nice to see you here, hope all is well.

    Yes it was a big relief to get that shot! I think if more people would do the right thing we could beat this but so many are not and the Gov. of this state is a complete idiot so I don't know but I will continue to do my part.

  3. So happy you got your second shot. It really is a relief even though our lives haven't changed much. I truly believe we are in for another big dose of corona virus with states opening completely. And it's the younger people who will mainly be affected. Really sad.

  4. Hi Jo, I know you're glad to get that behind you...I have my first one coming in a couple weeks...I too will be glad to get it done. I just hope this is the solution cause if not there is nothing else we can do about it! The vaccine is the last defense we have in place!!
    Take Care...glad you got to grill out. :0)

  5. I know you feel happy to get the vaccine out of the way and that in two weeks you will finally be able to go back to our "new normal".

    I thought about you this weekend and hoped that you had been able to grill your steak. I even told my doctor that with my high cholesterol the food I missed most was eating a steak. He told me that as long as I did not eat one every day to go ahead and treat myself once in a while. Now you know why I love my new doctor he is so different from the woman doctor that used to scold me!

  6. Hi Sandie,

    Yes I am happy its over and so far I'm doing OK no side effects but it can take a few days for them to show up. Yes with our dumb governor realeasing the mandator mask and not even enough people being vaccinated yet and other states doing the same I'm sure we will see another out break. Wells we just need to continue to do our part and having the vaccine and wearing out masks should help us.

    Hi Sondra,
    Yes I hope this works. More outbreaks everyday because some folks just don't get it. I was so thrilled to grill those veggies and steak it has been more than a year I'm sure.

    Hi MsBelinda,

    Even though I have gotten my shots I will still be very careful and not go crazy running from store to store. My main thing is now I can go to the dentist and get that out of the way.

    I had a Dr. like that telling me red meat is so bad. I have since had 2 new Dr's and they both said that's not true. I won't be eating it all the time but I do now eat red meat. And my cholesterol is better than it was before

  7. Good to you. Getting those shots are a big relief.

  8. Glad you're done with the shots! I'm still on the waiting list.

  9. Hi Connie,

    I so happy that I am done. I had to call Phx. to finally get an appt. I hear some places are getting to no appt. call around where you are so many places now giving the shots. Good luck