Thursday, December 23, 2010

A day at the Zoo

OK so no matter how hard I tried I could not make this the last picture because I started this blog backwards this morning. But Angel just passed out right there in his mom's arms. hahaha This is the start of the day in front of the zoo and it was a bit chilly here in Tucson that day. Kids still seemed a little sleepy
Marc is trying to get us moving, Come on guys lets get a move on

Are we sure about this day mom

I did not come out of this egg now lets move on. This is a kid of a thousand faces.

Didn't want any company and made that very load and clear.
Dad and Marc walking around the park I just love this picture.

Trying to put this blog together was really tough this morning. Ran out of time and couldn't finish, will try again tomorrow. Maybe I just need to keep it up and I won't have so much trouble. But not much doing around here lately.
Need to go camping after the holidays so I can find things to photograph. Maybe Santa will bring me that Kodak camera I am after

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  1. I'll bet the kids had a good time anyway! Probably the grown-ups did too!

    Good luck on the future post!