Friday, December 24, 2010

Day time at the Village

Had a hard time down loading all this. Maybe lots of people trying to blog today.

Couldn't forget the lady hanging her laundry

I thought it would be fun to see all the things in the Village

Like the choir below in the park. There are so many more little things I have not captured yet. I hope it didn't bore you but entertained .

And the merry go round

Here is the woman just filling her water jugs at the pump and the man shoeing a horse behind her and other chores at the farm The tea cup ride

The light house was a new addition this year from my granddaughter,
the hearse in front of the church with the preacher and funeral director, lady in the carriage with her packages. And what park would not have an out house

HJ there is the hot coffee vendor just for us

the dinner behind the ice rink has people eating inside

this train is also an addition from my granddaughter this year. If you look closely you can see the car smashed into the tree from that old movie with Henry Fonda I think it was The Bells of St. Mary. Is that right?

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  1. I'm glad to see that you have the coffee vendor all set up! Looks like we'll need it with all that snow!

    Merry Christmas, sweetie!