Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just things

I may have posted some of these pictures before, but I am trying to get back into posting semi regular again. Being lazy is not good. It is a nasty winter day here. But good to start putting the Christmas stuff away. I miss my regular stuff. Time to bring my pottery back out.

This Flag caught my eye one day as I came around the side of my house. It was not there in all the 12 years that I have lived here. I wondered who would be climbing up this hill. So I drove around and discovered a radio tower on the other side and a very narrow road. I think this is great and I thought of our Men and Women that fight for out country.

This was from a trip I took last year and may be posted somewhere else here. But with this day so gloomy and raining it made me wish for a trip. I think one is in order in the next few weeks.

This is kind of what today looks like but worse, of course this is the kind of weather that makes me antsy to run off somewhere. I know I am weird
Views of the end of the Catalina Mountains on a hazy day or maybe the battery's were getting low.
So what do you think, was this a garbage truck at some point? :) It is most likely that this is a man made motor home or would you call it a travel trailer? What ever it was or is it was interesting.

Couldn't pass this shot up from behind my house I like the way this came out.

It is supposed to snow here later on tonight. I doubt it but we shall see. I was wondering if there was snow up on the mountains but you can't even see them because of the cloud cover. I am sure it is snowing there and once the clouds leave I will take some shots.

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  1. Nice pictures! I like the home made camper...

    Just gotta love those mountains!