Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Plying with my new Toy

Santa Came to my house! Isn't he the cutest thing ever. LOL
And look at what he brought me. See I was a good girl.

I thought I changed this around but I guess Picasa was messing with me.
I love this little Kodak. It is very light weight so I can carry everywhere I go. I love my Canon but its to heavy to take along in my purse, for some quick finds. Like the beautiful orange ball the sun was at 7:30am this morning. :(

this was taken behind my place I was going to go out today and take pictures but #3 daughter needed my help and I forgot to take the camera GRrrrrrrr

Look it snowed on MT Lemmon. We are supposed to have a storm front moving in so maybe we will see even more up there. For those that don't know where I live These are the Catalina Mountains Northeast of Tucson, AZ. There is a sky lodge way up there at the top.


  1. I read what you meant, not what you said! Beautiful pictures of the mountains!

    You have a great day, sweetie!

  2. Thanks Jim,
    I knew you would understand me.