Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kartchner Caverns & Campground

You know your board when you travel 45 miles for lunch. Not entirely true. It was my friends birthday and her winter home is in Benson, AZ. so another friend and I drove down there and detoured to Kartchner Caverns to check out the campgrounds there. May spend a few days there soon. I hear the cave is really awesome but I don't do caves. They have tried to mimic the underground temps and climate to preserve the cave, but they say it is being damaged anyway. Even if I would have gone in you cannot take pictures.

There is still snow up on the mountains around this campground so I think I will wait a few weeks before I go up there

Just slightly to the right it was clear when the sun shines and it certainly wasn't today it hits these mountains most of the day and melts the Snow, also the range is much lower here.

A loan Sentry plant long gone to seed

Haze makes for mysterious mountain. Is it where the Hobits traveled?

These are the Dragoon Mountain rage where Cochise hid from the army

You can see how high up we were and the valley below our next destination today for lunch

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  1. Some day I may learn how to spell things. LOL