Friday, January 14, 2011

Went on a little venture today. First stop was an Art Show in the town of
Green Valley, AZ. Stopped and had breakfast at a cute little place called the Family Restaurant. Always stop there the food is soooooo good. And the coffee is very good. Then went up to Madera Canyon to have a look around and see if there was still some snow. Yep there was or as my sis said it was more like ice.
This was posted on the out house it tells you what you can find up here.
I used to stay at some cabins down the road and have seen plenty of wild life, bears, deer, ring tail cat, Cooper Hawks and Red Tail Hawks.

This is the only way I like to see snow

Now for folks who know me it was like, stay away, from there we are not going to pick you up. :(
Hows this for a rock on the side of the road. It just sits there like this big and scary will it fall off its perch?
There are some cute little cabins along the road. Most are on leased land few are openly owned

This sign was in front of the cabin below which was set down there a little way.

This no doubt is the result of a damn fool and their cigarette, a few years ago someone started a huge fire up here and people had to leave there cabins. Luckily none where burned down but very close.
When will people learn?

Way down there we could hear the water but still not visible. I didn't think I should attempt going down there.
Unfortunately grabbed the wrong camera case but these aren't to bad, this is the new camera Santa gave me.

That's all for now can't put to many pics or they just fall off. If I remember I will post more tomorrow.

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  1. Neat place. Would like to spend a couple of days at the bog springs campground but not sure if we could get our fifth wheel in there. Get any pix of it ?