Monday, January 31, 2011

More on the Desert Museum

I may have a better shot of this Mexican Grey Wolf, will have to check
You can always tell when the battery's are going to die. I use a Kodak 12 mp 5X and a Canon PowerShot SX110IS 10X 9.0 mega pixels . But I really would love that big Canon someday.

The enclosures for the animals are amazing. I have seen them hide some fruit in a box for this guy and he went to town to get to his prize.

The health and well being of these animals is top notch, here you can see this little Grey Fox sleeping on a bear skin and the silver globe is the back of a heat source

The Bob Cat didn't seem to care that we wanted to see his pretty face.

Lilac Crowned Parrot

These are Juavilina they smell so bad you know they are around before you ever see them. They can be dangerous and will do a number on a garden. They don't look very large here but they can be very big.

More sculptures and view of the desert vegetation

This sculpture shows how the Coyote pounces on his prey

I posted this Cardinal yesterday but this is a much better shot
A side view of the Lilac Parrot
Long Horn Sheep once wandered all over these desert mountains now they are gone except for the ones in captivity. There enclosure goes quite high and is mountainous for their climbing pleasure.

Hey you lookin at me?
American Kestrel what a beauty
I had one on my porch rail one morning dinning on a Sparrow

I have some great shots of the surrounding area I will post tomorrow.

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