Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The end of the Desert Museum

The next 2 pictures are from my porch. I just can't resist sunsets.

This was taken from the Desert Museum to show you how it looks from all the many stop points and the contrasts and changes in elevations and colors of rocks.

These are man made rocks as are all the enclosures.

The Puma or Mountain Lion enjoying a shaded rest.
Mule deer still roam parts of the Sonora Desert
Wild Turkey's are found in quite a few places still.

This is a new bear cub that has been brought in as the older ones are now in elder care at the desert museum where they will be cared for. As the animals grow old they are removed for there comfort.
He was all played out by time we got there. He has many toys in his enclosure.

Here is another photo of the Mexican Wolf. There are 2 in the closure but the other one was to hidden

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. I don't know where I will be off to again or how soon.
Until the next time.

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