Thursday, February 3, 2011

The temps went down to 10 degrees last night. Even though all my pipes are wrapped they still froze . I forgot to let the faucet drip. As I peeked out the window I saw a poor hummer sitting at this feeder. I bundled up and went out to retrieve the feeder and the poor thing was so weak it could barely fly away. I brought the feeder in and had an empty one so I made up a batch of sugar water and filled the feeder. (i keep lots of bottled water around)
Even thought I had wrapped this feeder it still froze.

They quickly flew to the warmer feeder. I poured warm water over the smaller frozen feeder but it really didn't help much.

To night I will bring them in as it will be just as cold .
AHHH Sunny warm Tucson, AZ.

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  1. jojo - glad you found my blog! good to know you're getting your water situation fixed. wow, what an ordeal! when do you start heading back out in the motorhome for some travel?