Saturday, February 12, 2011

Got water?

I finally have water YAHOO YIPPEE!!
After calling several plumbers and never having my calls returned I thought I would never have water running in my house again. I'm Grandson Anthony dug for days and every time he was close to a pipe they just fell apart. The guy next door let me run a hose from his house to mine.( we don't pay for water here) But let me tell you it has the worst smell and I made a mistake and drank some YUCK POO :(P and the taste lasts no matter how many times you brush. Anyway after 4 1/2 days I know am back in business. Thanks to some friends who found a handyman.

The little bit of water dripping from the hose filled this 3 1/2 ft hole Anthony dug to get to the pipe on bottom

Anthony was making his way to the turn off when we figured it was time to stop because of gas, phone and electric lines. Blue Stake never showed up. Thanks guys Some one remembered doing work on the shut off and said it was PVC pipe and should be OK. It was and we didn't need to go all that way. They blew out the pipe for dirt and ran PVC
This pipe was at the bottom of what turned into a pool. You can see black spots on the pipe those are holes and went all along the pipe. The galvanized pipe was paper thin. That little mop looking thing was used to cover a valve from the cold.

The piece laying on top of the house had completely broken off after the pipes defrosted shooting water every where. This is the work of people who did not know how to put in a drip system. I hadn't used it in years as it was always leaking somewhere.

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