Wednesday, February 16, 2011


These are just some pictures from past trips. Some may have been posted before. I have been wanting to go somewhere, anywhere for awhile and the short trip a few weeks ago made me want to go even more.

Another blogger Homestead Hope asked when my next trip would be.

I am having full left knee replacement on 24 Feb. I should be done with therapy and my last check up and then head off to Lakeside, AZ. I went up to the area last spring and feel in love and bought a trailer there. So Mom's Little Run Away stays parked for the summer in the driveway until Fall when I return to Tucson.

This one of the many lakes in the White Mountain area.

This is my little hide out for the summer. It isn't much but I absolutely love it.

On a trip last Fall right here in Tucson.

This old building is when you come up out of Salt River Canyon heading towards Show Low

Salt River Canyon

Rest stop going up the Salt River Canyon

A friend I met thru a women's camping club stopped in Tucson and we went to a campground near by

The night this was taken we had a Tornado warning My little rig sure did rock. No damage here in the camp ground but where I live there was damage but not lucky for me not at my house.
Hope next winter season I will go lots of places around Southern, AZ


  1. I absolutely love that little place you bought in the Lakeside area. I would enjoy seeing more pictures of it after you recover from your surgery (keeping your privacy in mind of course)! My mother and I would love to have a little place like that, as we both have happy camping memories of Arizona before I lost my dad. I'm still 'quietly' following your blog, and I get so much enjoyment from your posts. I wish you a speedy recovery following your surgery.
    ~Pam in Louisiana~

  2. Thank You Pam,
    I don't know if you went all the way down to earlier blogs but there should be more pictures of the place from when I first bought it and all the work I did to make it mine. Let me know I believe you can reach me with my e-mail and I can always send you some pictures. and more info on the RV Park things are alway for sale there and at good prices.

  3. That is a great summer home,we would like to do the same.

  4. Thank you Kenny and Angela,
    It was fun to do it over. Most come fully furnished but not this one. And it was empty for a long time so I doubt I would have kept any of it anyway. Can't wait to go back up.

  5. Guess I'm gonna have to see if they have any extra ones for I can become one of your neighbors!

    Only way I'm gonna be able to keep track of what you're up to!

    Keep me posted on the surgery, sweetie!

  6. Hi there former Jersey Girl, like me.

    I grew up in the southern part - Gloucester County. Moved to real southern, Cumberland Country in 1992.

    Where did you grow up?

  7. Good luck with your knee replacement surgery!!
    I just found your blog and look forward to reading and catching up on your adventures. :-)

  8. Jim, I would love to have you for a nieghbor I guess that is the only way we can keep and EYE on each other. LOL

    Hi Phillis
    I grew up in Bergen County and moved to Morris County for a few yeats before moving here in 1976.

    Hi Happytrails,
    Welcome to my blog and thank you for your well wishes.
    I haven't blogged to much this winter because of the knee and not getting around much, can't wait for all that to change

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am hoping that once I get out on the road, that I will find a small hideaway to go to when I want to take a break from traveling. Good Luck on your surgery.