Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Back

Hi everyone. I was released yesterday and came out of the hospital to the most beautiful sight It had snowed in the early morning hours and the mountains were covered in snow all around town. Of course down here in the valley it was just wet.

I am doing fine and just need to get the therapy going here at home. I have been able to hook myself up the the bending machine. Now if I don't hear from the therapy folks I will call them again. I am not going to miss that. I can so some of the exercises on my own but that is not the way this is supposed to work. I have places to go. people to meet and trails to follow this summer.

One of my neighbors made me dinner last night and I loved that and the food as well.

Nest big challenge today is getting into the shower by myself.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.



  1. Good news Jo ! Thanks for the update. Saw the beautiful snow on Tom Hacker's Facebook posting. I know that you would have had great pix of the snow if you had been able to. Speedy recovery, harm & bett

  2. I'll just bet you can handle the shower just fine! However, I'd be glad to come help ya out if I was closer! I could scrub your back, or something!

    Hope you are able to get moving good before the Summer starts!

  3. glad you're home! oh, i know the bendy machine! my mom had it after her replacement. ouch! but, it'll do wonders. here's to a speedy recovery!