Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just keep on plugging

Hi Every one,
Things are moving along. I had a better night last night than the one before.
I am so impatient with everything and wanting to get going faster than the normal body will go. Sitting on this desk chair for some reason just doesn't cut it. I thought it was because of the train wreck in my knee that the chair gave me a problem. Guess not. Even tried a small pillow this morning but it isn't helping to much.

I guess I need to go on facebook and check out Tom's pictures. Maybe after the touchier lady leaves(i mean the therapist) and I ice up I will come back and check it out. I bet Tom did that to make me cry. LOL

Thank you for your well wishes everyone.


  1. Whatever you do...just don't OVERDO! We don't want you to get down again!

    Looking forward to some more updates about your healing! Make it all good news, OK?

  2. wishing you the best and hope the pain lessens very soon.