Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doing the bike

Yesterday I really bit the bullet and went on the stationary bike. I knew I had to do this to make sure I would not let any scare tissue grow. If that happens you are not going to every be well or pain free. So I went to the club house and someone went down with me, and there was another couple using other equipment. They all gathered around to help me out. Of course it took some pain but I finally got it to go around the cycle. I thought all my hair would fall out. LOL But it worked today the pain has eased and I can bend my knee even more today. In the after noon I went to the pool and worked out more there. To anyone who needs this surgery go for it. I know my blog has brought out lots of painful work outs but it is going to heal and be done with. If you think about how much pain you are in before the surgery just remember that with out the surgery you will always be in pain and soon not able to walk at all. So let there be a little more pain but know it will heal and you will be good as new. Off to ride the bike take care every one.


  1. Guess it's like the old saying pain, no gain!

    Glad you are able to work out on the bike. I think it will help in the end!

  2. Hi My Special One,
    I hope it works out the end. LOL
    It feels so much better now too.
    Thanks for coming by

  3. Good for you getting out there and doing something about your pain.