Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday I was feeling pretty good and the need to get out of the house and do something hit me hard. We have had some really bad winds here and my carport looked like a garbage dump. SOoooo out I went with the broom and cleaned up. I had seen some weeds on a walk with the therapist so I got out the weed killer and I couldn't find the weeds. I wish I knew who the kind person was that took care of this for me. Thank You
Then it was off to the Dr. for my follow up. He was very pleased with my progress but said I shouldn't be limping anymore. I have been walking like that for so long I wonder if maybe I didn't think it was normal. Anyway need to work harder and not limping. It still gets to stiff I think.
Anyway by bed time I was not feeling real happy anymore. I guess I over did it.
But I can start to drive and I must remember to not go crazy and over do things. I have therapy today a 11:30 and then I will go get a very much needed hair cut. Tomorrow I will go to the dentist for a quick check up.
My last therapy will be next week and then I will start to go down to the pool if not sooner and get moving in the water.
Just realized why I keep getting my dates messed up I haven't changed the calendar yet.

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