Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dr. said go for it

Dr. said I can go and to just pump my foot up and down as I go (its the left so its safe) And when I have gone 2 hrs. get out and walk around for awhile. No problem that is usually where I stop anyway. And then going thru the Salt River Canyon I usually stop there to if the weather is good or if I'm not in to much of a hurry to get where I am going. But I do know my limits so I may stop there. Can't wait to get moving on down the road. May not post until I am there as there are so many things to get done still. But am doing good have the stuff piled in one place for loading up the car. Until I post again hope you all are well and safe.


  1. I'm glad for you that you're able to take off. How awful it is to want to leave and not be able to. Where are you heading for?

  2. Hi Four Windows,
    I am heading for The White Mountains of AZ in a little town called Lakeside, where my little tin can cabin is. It may still be on the chilly side but I don't care. If it snows once I am settled in thats OK too. I will take some pictures for sure and post them here.
    Being stuck here all winter waiting for the knee surgery I only was able to go camping in my motor home once, next winter I hope to be able to do more of Southern AZ. or maybe Gulf Shores to meet some of the RVBuddies.

  3. I'm glad you are getting to hit the road, sweetie!

    Hope all is well in the mountains! Make the best of it and have a safe trip!