Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rolling, Rolling

Car is loaded and ready to roll. Just have to put the cooler in on my way out. Load up the flowers tonite after the sun sets and cools down. Its always nice to see more room in the car. The good thing is a lot of the stuff will stay there so not much to bring back. Hope to pull out no later than 6:30 am. Will post more on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Beautiful Picture. I'm packing my bags today, also. I leave Tues at 3pm. I'm taking a rolling duffle bag with a few things for the RV, but will have to wait until I get the RV home before I can add everything I will need for traveling. I'll just have to "make do", if I buy a lot of stuff in Florida then I'll have duplicates. How's your knee, hope its healing well?

  2. Have a good safe trip. Oh, and enjoy yourself!!

  3. Hi ladies, Thanks for the safe trip wishes.
    the knee is getting there but I know after the long drive even with stops in between (sp) it will give me some issues but the Dr. gave me some stuff to take and then I need to do some walking around the RV Park.
    Terri have a good safe trip home with the RV. I know how hard it is not to go out and buy all kinds of stuff. :)
    Jeana, don't get to spoiled with the house/pet sitting thing. Of course if it was me I would not leave make them adopt me.

  4. You be careful, sweetie! Don't want to have to come up there and spank you!

    On second thought, that might be fun!

    Watch out for all the crazies on the road! Seems to be more of them all the time!