Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm here

I made it in great time. The drive was great. Once I hit Winkleman every thing was so green and lush. I couldn't believe it they must have had more rain than in Tucson. It is a long drive but I am always in awe of the beautiful scenery. The temp was 75 and sunny. Of course I over did it but who can relax when there is so much stuff to be put away. There wasn't any water and I had to put in a call. The guy came right over. The toilet was cracked and luckily it wasn't the new one. So by 6:35 I had a new toilet and water. By then my body and knee where not very happy with me so I took my pain pill and it didn't help so I took some extra strength Tylenol and laid down. Unfortunately I was up at 12:30 sat up for awhile and took more Tylenol and went back to bed slept until 5 not to bad. I will take it easy today, just go over to wally world and pick up some grocery's and yarn and work on the blanket I am make for my daughter for Xmas. Gee I only have to make 4. Hopefully I will do some wondering and picture taking this week to add to this blog. Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. I just read your comment about my pet/house sitting and it made me laugh. It will be so hard to leave here and go back to Seattle. I'll be getting Olivia, my View, ready to hit the road shortly after I get back. Hopefully, by then there won't be anymore snow on Snoqualmie Pass so I can get out of there.

  2. glad you made it!! hopefully, the pain will be minimal now since the drive has been made. whoo hoo! enjoy the green and cool!

  3. Olivia nice name for the View,
    Good Luck getting on the road, hope the snow will be gone.

    Hopeful, the drive wasn't as bad as the unloading of the car. In Tucson my grandson loaded up but here I was on my own. Sure was a lot of stuff. Hope not much goes back.