Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working hard at not much

I have been doing little things around here. Looking to see if my favorite stores are opened yet Some stores don't open until May 1,

So I cleaned windows and ironed curtains. Decorated the front window for Easter. Today bought and planted some flowers.

I think tomorrow is time to visit some of the lakes. I hear from my friends the fishing is great and they have caught their limit every time the went out. Better get my license.


  1. If the fishing is that good...I may have to come up for a visit!

    Glad you are getting settled in! Like coming home, huh?

  2. Hi Jim,
    Yes it is more fun coming back here than actually going home to Tucson. Things are moving along.

    Hey Jeana,
    Yes I am at the Tin Can Cabin and lovin it too. This morning I had on sweats and just ran to the store I thought I was goin to melt. LOL The weather had been a little chilly in the moring but by 11 am the temps go up to the low 70s and its perfect for me.