Friday, April 22, 2011

I know I promised pictures

I know this isn't what anybody was wanting to see but that's all I have : ( But see I planted flowers and put Easter stuff in the windows.

As you can see the porch hasn't been paint yet. I hate that red paint it looks so ugly. I guess I should go get the paint and see about a spray gun before the people pull in next to me, I don't think they would like it much if I got white paint all over their pretty motor home. And then I will have to try to roller it on UCK!!!

Oh well I will try to do better and go take pictures .

If I don't post before Sunday Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.


  1. I love potted plants and I think yours look great. I also think your patio will look really nice after you get it painted. I love to paint so I'd help if I were closer and available.

  2. Thank you Phyllis

    Jeana I can wait util you get here. You need to take the View for a nice long trip to the White Mountains, Just a thought on my part.:)

  3. Maybe you should do a Tom Sawyer on your neighbors...and that should get that porch painted!

    I'd help, but that's a long drive for a paint party!

    Happy Easter, sweetie!

  4. Oh Jim, its not that far and just thing you will be getting away. :) And I make really good coffee!