Thursday, June 9, 2011

Catching up

Monday evening my Sister flew in to the Show Low Airport on a 10 seat propeller plane and was 1 hr late. Oh well no airlines can guarantee time

This is one end of the terminal

luggage pick up and other end of terminal

This is not a cloud it is a plume of smoke from the fire which is 50 miles away. This picture was taken at Show Low Lake

Some folks are just trying to make the best of it and trying to forget and catch some fish.

I caught this as I was crossing the street in front of my place. Had to run back to get the camera.

I hope this post makes it. I lost the first one.


  1. Great pictures. It's nice to see sun somewhere.

  2. thanks Jeana, it was a pretty day if yuo could ignore the fire plume. I thought you took off in Olivia?