Sunday, June 26, 2011

computer scare

Today I had the lap top on sleep. When I went to get on I had nothing but a black screen. The thing wouldn't even shut down. I finally got it to shut off by holding down the off button. I kept thinking about Michael's trouble but had no way to contact him to ask, but I am pretty sure he needed a new lap top. So I wandered over to happy hour at the club house and someone told me to take the battery out. Well what did I have to lose right. Took out the battery and cleaned it up some, put it back in and turned it back on and walla it worked. Weird but hey it saved me some money for now.
Better go buy some CDs and do a back up and one of those little things to down load all the pictures I have been taking. Hate to lose them.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. I used to have to do that with my lap top from time to time, until it finally went out!

    My suggestion? Be prepared and start looking around for a backup computer! Also start saving all your files to an external memory source!

    Hope it works out!

  2. Thanks Jim,
    I am going to go get a back cd and run a save. I have to much on here to lose. I have a desk top at home but I am not about to run all the way home for it. But I really didn't want to have to buy a new lap top yet. Oh well lets see what happens.
    Luv Ya

  3. We never seem to back things up as often as we should, but I think its time to make some copies of your pics.

  4. Yes Teri, I have most saved but I have not copied the new ones. I will get a zip drive tomorrow.
    I am enjoying your trip.
    thanks for stopping in for a read.