Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update on fires

Wallow fire is 89% contained and the Wash fire is only 30% but is low burning not topping out. The area is mostly low shrub not tall pine.
Just hope the winds stay down so these fires can be contained and done with. But without rain it will go on.

Saw lots of fire fighters yesterday in the Walmart Parking lot. We made sure we said our thank you they are all such great people doing a very dangerous job.

Some States are having so much rain that is leading those people to major flooding. Wish them all the best of Luck.


  1. JOJO, we had more rain here yesterday. I wish we could share. It does sound like they are slowly getting a handle on the Wallow fire, but it's sure been a struggle.

  2. I do hope they get a handle on the fires pretty soon!

    Still hot and dry here, that one day of rain sure got me to wishing for more!

    You take care, sweetie!

  3. Joe, it sure would be nice to see them get it all under control and we get some rain. Yes its been a real struggle for all the fire fighters.

    Hi Jim,
    It is very hot and dry here too. I bet that little bit of rain was a real tease for you. Hope we get some good rain soon.

    Joe and Jim, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Yes, we are having more than our fair share here in Indiana. Wish I could send it out there where it is desperately needed. Stay cool.

  5. Pidge it would be great if we could take some of the rain off your hands and lands. We have seen some clouds forming these past few days. Hoping the heat will bring on the monsoons.
    Thanks for coming over to read.