Thursday, June 23, 2011

New cooler

I went to Home Depot this morning after setting up the slow cooker.
I picked out a cooler and was going to go to walyworld but forgot. Stopped a second hand store to drop off some little crochet chains for some booties some one made. I started to smell onion and other veggie matter but thought maybe I didn't wash my hands good enough. Stopped at another 2nd hand store that just opened and looked around. Found a little bird house that said take me home. Of course I did. The smell seemed to be getting stronger, so I turned around and looked in the back seat and sure enough I forgot to put the garbage in the dumpster. sigh.
So my day of browsing ended and I headed home and to the dumpster.
While throwing the trash in one of my neighbors stopped and asked what I had been up too. I told him about the cooler and he said, don't even take it out of the car. He new some one who had one and wasn't using it. He brought it over and the thing was huge. We put some water in it and it started crankin some nice cold air. It cooled the entire trailer off. Tomorrow I will take the other one back and save me some money. I hope I don't bring any trash with me this time.

We have another fire going in Heber, AZ which is up near Payson. I thought I saw smoke while driving around with my garbage but thought it was still from the Wallow fire. When I was talking to someone they told me about the new fire. We sure need some rain.

I guess that's about all for now. Hope you all had a great day.


  1. Glad to hear you scored a new (to you) cooler! Free is a very good price!

    Next time, don't be hauling the trash all over town!

    Sorry ya'll have some new fires in the area!

  2. Hi Jim,
    Yes that cooler works like a charm.
    I will try to walk the trash down first then come back and get the car. LOL ONLY ME!

  3. The fires really seem to be going crazy this year. I wish I could send you some of our rains. We have had more than our share this year. Stay cool.

  4. Thanks Pidge, we sure do need some rain and then theres the floods in other places that are so horrible.
    staying cool now with the evap cooler.
    Have a wonderful day.