Saturday, June 11, 2011

Easy Saturday

Since my Sister leave today we tried to see as many things as possible.
This post should have been yesterday but since blogger wouldn't down load pictures but 2 or 3 at a time I gave up and just saved what I had. Then I couldn't find the post this morning . But here it is.
This first set of pictures was taken at a local Nursery, where people get married and are on the House and Garden Tour.

It is so cozy here and with the little water fall you can sit all day.

I always admire paintings of doors now I have my own photo of this red door.

Big old tree, I guess the arbor here would be decorated for a wedding.

These spheres are so cool, I tried to get my sister to go see if they were heavy but she wouldn't go.

Just another place to sit. Wish the truck wasn't there.

Made our way all around the garden to the little water fall and pond

You can barely see the fish but some are quite large

Then it was off to the lake, someone had thrown corn and this yellow headed black bird was going to town.

Off to another lake where the wind had picked up and was causing white caps. And some one was allowing there children to be in this water which is quite dirty and has some fungus problems. Hope those kids down get sick.

Saw this little shed across the lake or could it be a very tiny cabin I have seen them this small.

It was a fun day to end my sisters visit. After all the running around we picked up dinner and brought it home to eat out on the porch and relax.

A friend who is an evac from Greer is staying here in Ponderosa RV Park stopped by to visit. Gave us an update on the fire and locations. People are being so wonderful to the evac folks. When she went to pay the rent they told her all she needed to do was pay the electric when she was ready to leave. One of the laundromats is letting them wash their clothes for free and many restaurant's are not charging them for food. Its so wonderful to see a community all pitch in to help.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday. I'm going to run over to Hermit Jim's place for coffee on his Patio.

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  1. That's a nice looking nursery. I heard that the fire is a bit under control now so that's some good news.