Friday, June 3, 2011

Show Low Days and Smoke

Wallow fire has reach a terrible size. People have been evacuated to the Blue Ridge High School up on the corner from where I stay. Some cabins have been burned and a trailer. So far no injuries have been reported. The winds are very high and bringing this fire under control has been impossible. The very white cloud on the left is a true cloud The rest is smoke drifting from Alpine which is a ways away. The smoke has reached NM and CO. With more high winds forecast for the next 3 days. So far 100,000 acres has been burned

This beautiful Victorian sits in Show Low I was to far away to get all the colors that have been painted on this building. It is not a home but a realtor office and other business'
They had a small RV Show going on if I were to buy this is all I can afford
But of course this is what I want. :(P

I thought 4 H was to teach children to love animals and care for them. Maybe I didn't go close enough to actually see what the sign said, but doesn't that look like hunting stuff. Oh an no he isn't real.

Then there was the racing stuff. I like the truck

these next 2 race cars are hand built. Sure don't look very safe for racing

but look like fun anyway

there should be more fun places to see tomorrow. But may have been canceled due to the fire.


  1. Except for the fire, that looked like fun. Our lack of rain is having a big effect here.

  2. Yes here to now. And the last report I saw today said thunder and lighting, that is not good unless we get some hard rain with it.
    Thanks for coming by Michael.

  3. I thought of you when I read about the fire. I pray you get some rain soon to help put out the fires.

  4. You just be careful, sweetie! Glad you are getting a chance to get out and enjoy things!

  5. Are you away far enough from the fire that you don't have to worry? But, with the winds, I guess one never knows. Take care...those fires are scary. I don't think I'll be in Tucson in October. I honestly don't know where I'll be.

  6. Hi Granny,
    Thanks for thinking of me and thanks for the prayers. They are talking about dry lighten that is bad, Winds to pick up again to

    Hey Jim,
    did lots of cooking today for our pot luck dinner. Did run over to a small craft show I thought had been canceled.

    So far we are far enough away but yes with the winds picking up again tomorrow just never know.

    Thanks for stopping in for a visit friends