Saturday, June 4, 2011

Up date on Wallow Fire

Things aren't looking very good. The fire is now at 160,000 acres.
The winds died down some today but tomorrow they will pick up again and by Monday they are really going to pick up. They are also predicting dry lighting. A friend of mine from the beautiful town of Greer called me early this morning to see if we had any empty spaces left here at the RV Park, I went to look for the workamp person to ask and she was great. Pat opened the office and found 2 empty sites. Bobbie pulled in and she was so tired. They knocked on her door at 12:45 am to let her know she might want to leave the fire was 8 miles away. So by 3:30 am she was on her way to Lakeside and stayed in the Safeway parking lot, until she got me on the phone and I found her a space.
I guess the next few days will determine if we all need to leave the mountain.


  1. I'm so sad to read the news about the fire spreading. Please stay safe. I'm praying for a hard rain to help put the fires out.

  2. Thanks Granny,
    It is so sad. The smoke is very bad this morning and the smell of the burning trees is strong. Leaving may be coming soon. The wind is down for know and yes lots of rain would be great.
    Thanks for your prayers we need all we can get.

  3. I'm thinking very positive thoughts about you, sweetie! You pay very close attention to what's going on with that fire!

    Thanks for keeping us posted!

  4. That is so sad about the fires. Hope they soon get them under control, and you won't have to move. Stay safe.

  5. I remember the fire at Mount Lemmon. We were able to see the embers at night from where I was living and that was rather uncomfortable. Hope you're in a good place.

  6. Hey Everyone,
    Thanks for stopping by I will keep all posted.