Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a Differance a 1/2 Day Makes

After trying for hours to download it finally worked but the pictures are not in the order I wanted them. Oh well like another blogger said ( at least we don't pay for this)

Late this afternoon the smoke lifted and breathing was easier. But you can still see the grey of the sky.

I went to Show Low to shop for a few things and these campers may have been people evacuated from camp grounds up around Big Lake and other camp grounds further up near Hanigans Meadow. They all pulled out at the same time and seemed to be heading out of town. Also you can see the heavy smoke at the tree line.

as you can see these pictures look blurry but it is heavy smoke, and the smell was terrible and strong.

The smoke was so thick this morning and the smell of burning forest was awful. And all you can think of is the people who have had to evacuate and there many animals that had to be moved also. One of my friends is having a very hard time breathing and is considering going back to to Tucson. By around 1pm a slight breeze started up and the smoke lifted away. The sun was able to come break thru the haze and we had a better day.

The fire was re calculated and was down graded to 144,100 acres It sure was a better rate but not a better feeling. They had forecast dry lightening for today and thank heaven it never came. I just hope that the high winds of 25-30 mile an hour will not happen.

Fire lines have been cut in hopes to stop the fire from moving toward towns and homes.

Last night they interviewed people on how they felt about how the fire fighters were doing. One man said they weren't doing enough and were hanging out in a dinner or some such thing. Maybe those guys had already been on the line and were able to take a shower get some rest and eat a nice meal before going back on the line. Maybe if he thought that way he should put on that heavy hot fire fighter gear and head to the line and do some fighting. I bet he wouldn't get past the gear.

Thank You Fire Fighters for all you hard work.


  1. Stay safe. Hope the worst is over and the air clears up.

  2. Hello and Welcome to my blog Gypsy Boho,
    the wind is blowing pretty hard today so it's good for us but not the fire. I sure wish we could get lots of ran soon.
    thank you for stopping by.

  3. I'm so glad that things are shaping up for you, sweetie!

    I have to join you in the thanks going out to all of the fire fighters, that's for sure!

    I hope the winds stay down for you and things get back to semi normal hyere pretty soon!

  4. Thanks Jim,
    I couldn't post last night google was being a real pain and I had to go and change my password. By then I was so agrivated I just quite.

  5. I have no tolerance for those people that put our firefighters, and other men and women in servises, down. They are the true heroes of our country.