Thursday, June 30, 2011

This computer stuff

I couldn't comment or post for a few days. What next. On another blog I read Teri mentioned downloading Google Chrome. Of course it didn't work at first because I forgot to shut down. Sooo here I am again.
The weather has cooled down some but not much and we didn't have any more rain. Thunder but no rain.
Wallow fire is 96% contained and I guess all other fires in AZ are contained.
It sure came close to some friends house in Sierra Vista. That was a bit to close for comfort on their places. That is scary believe me
It was a trip to Walmart today and also looking for a place to get a screen door made for my porch. It is a small door so you can't just buy one. Hope I find some thing tomorrow. I am going to measure the one at the back of the porch if it fits I will just move it to the front and use the screen curtain back there.

Well I sure need to find something interesting to blog about soon. But I am working on it I swear.

Hope you all are staying cool.


  1. I'm glad the fires are on the way to being put out. Next will be the flooding from all the vegetation being burned. Hope you can find a screen door for your porch. I haven't blogged in several days either. Nothing happening worth writing about. Hope Google Chrome works out for you . I've heard about it but haven't tried it yet.

  2. I keep being told to download Chrome but I'm stubbornly holding out. Good luck:)

    ~ The Tuckerbag ~

  3. Ladies, I was reluctant to use Google Chrome, but, I did, and I love it.

  4. I'm still getting used to how Google Chrome is set up compared to my yahoo home page, but since Blogger works so much better I am sticking with Google Chrome and learning as I go.

  5. Good morning Granny, I keep looking to see if you have posted anything. Glad to see your here. I have Google Chrome on my desk top in Tucson. It seems to have made this old laptop work better.

    Ash, give it a try, it was worth it.

    Hi Michael, Glad to see you here this morning. Yes it has done wonders.

    Teri, Thanks for the tip about Google Chrome. It fixed all my blogger problems. Except I still can't see my followers. But did notice that on quite a few blogs.

    Thanks all for stopping by, have a wonderful day.

  6. Good to hear the fires have all gotten a lot better! Scary thing because there isn't much you can do when they start!

    Why don't you get some screen and make your own door? It isn't all that hard. Might be a fun project!

  7. Good thing all the fires are pretty much contained now! That was scary how bad they were all actually getting.
    Wish I could tell you where to get a screen door, but honestly not something you find just anywhere. You're probably gonna have to get on your crafty side. ;)
    Google chrome does work pretty well. I always prefer the old google, the more simple the better, but nowadays everything has to be so high tech. My mom uses the Mozilla Fox it's not a bad program.
    Well love you Nana/Nona

  8. Hey Jim, if I had the tools I would have given it a try. Found a guy to do it for me for not so nice a price. But that curtain screen was really a pain and I just was so sure I would trip over it while bringing stuff in.

    Hey Princess, nice to see you on my blog.
    My crafty side was just not cutting it. I sat and looked and thought but nothing I came up with worked.
    Love you Mandy.