Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rain and Hail

Yesterday started out a little cloudy. But off I went to beat the crowds at Wally world. No such luck, it was only 6:10am when I got there and I was not alone. And to make matters worse they only had 2 open registers and not even 1 self check out. Now seems to me in a vacation town like this those managers would now better. People started raising hell and they started calling for all register people to come to the registers immediately. REALLY!
It wasn't that cloudy so a friend of mine decided to go exploring a little. I saw this huge dark cloud but it was just not that big so we went on. We both left all our windows open since it was such a nice cool day.
Yep it started pouring about 1/2 hour into our journey. You could barely see so I started to slow down and all of a sudden this wall of water came down my lane it hit hard and I really had to control the car, I am glad I don't panic or we would have gone into the ditch. I pulled us out of that and waited to change lanes, all was fine there. It also started to hail pretty good. We drove out of the rain for a little bit but it started again and we were pretty close to home and then we saw the white ground. Since the driving conditions were not the best I didn't stop to take any pictures. As soon as I dropped off my friend the rain stopped and out came the sun. Started mopping up the wet tables and widow sills but now harm done anywhere. Sat out on the porch to enjoy the almost cold temperature.
Of course Happy Hour started right on time with a few towels to wipe down the chairs and tables.
Hope you all enjoy the day.


  1. Now I'm really jealous. Please box me some up and send it ASAP. Please?

  2. This has been a year for crazy weather hasn't it? You have rain and hail and Phoenix has a temp of 116º. Glad there was no water damage inside your mobile.

  3. Michael, I tried and it all leaked out. :( Looks like we are going to get hit again today. Maybe I can find a few jars. :)

    Hi Granny, Yes I got lucky for as hard as it rained. Those temps are awful. I think some of my kids have been hanging out at my house to use the a/c

    Hope you all have a great 4 th.

  4. Hey Nana,

    Rachel and I went through one of those on the way home from work the other night. It was fine when we first got off at 3:30am then as soon as we passed a few lights boom it starts coming down hard. I even brought Liccs in cause there was a lot of lightening.
    Is Wally World like a grocery store, a walmart or something?? You seem to go there often. You guys have very early shoppers, don't play around there haha.
    Well enjoy your happy hour haha
    Love ya,