Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Rains again

This morning was a little cloudy so we decided to go to the Arts and Crafts Shows early. Walked thru 2 different ones and I didn't buy a thing. I am so proud of me. Then went to Wally world and was so surprised to see that there were not many people shopping it was great.

After being home for awhile my friend showed up to put up the new kitchen lights I bought last year before I left. They look good. Then the rain came and it rained good for a short time. Had some lightening and thunder more thunder than lighting. It has rained on and off since. We should get rain for the next few days. I am very happy about this. It feels so clean now even if it is damp. The temperatures have dropped and that feels good too.

New lights in the kitchen happy to see them up finally

Ugly old lights in the kitchen, must be original light fixtures from the early 70s

Think I will go to Safeway tomorrow and get me a nice steak for the grill. I don't think I have had a grilled steak since last summer.

Hope you all have a great 4 Th tomorrow and be safe.
Give a minute of silence for our Troops.


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  2. Welcome to my blog Naomi. Glad you like it. I just write it the way I feel it.

  3. JOJO, I hope the rain is falling where it is needed to lessen the fire danger. We had more here again today, but that's getting to be an old story. I'm trying to divert some to Michael and other friends in Texas, but so far haven't had much luck. Enjoy the steak tomorrow.

  4. Hi Joe, Yes the rain is a good thing for us. But I know how bad off TX is right now too. I sure hope they get some good rain soon.
    Hope you have a great 4th too.

  5. Hey Nana,

    A definite improvement on the light fixtures!! I like them!

    Luckily we've gotten rain twice down here too. I know it stinks all the humidity, but I definitely enjoy the rain while it's here and I'm sure Liccs does too haha. Alonzo and I got her a pool and she's always in it, so I'm sure she likes the rain. She's such a nerd.

    Good job on not buying anything. How you are with that I am with movies, I'm an addict I can't help it haha! Love them!

    Hope you enjoy you're 4th of July. Go get your steak already!! Miss you!

    Love ya,

  6. Hi Princess,
    Happy Fourth!
    I am just heading out to fire up the grill.
    Glad Liccs likes his pool. LOL
    Love Ya Nana