Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy Day?

I had to come up with some kind of an excuse. I wasn't really busy. I did do some laundry and so was everyone else, run a few errands and took a few walks and of course it rained. But not as hard as it has been or as long. Talked to some neighbors and did nothing much. Called a Friend in Greer to see how she was doing with the rain and the flooding. Luckily she is higher up and didn't have a problem. Glad for that.

So I don't know what Else there is to say today.
Hope you all had a wonderful day


  1. Glad you're getting the daily rains. Is anyone having luck catching fish there at the lake?

  2. Hi Granny,
    Yes fish are biting and the sizes aren't bad either. They do a biggest fish catch here at the park. so far there has been a 16" rainbow.
    Have a wonderful day.