Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can I keep it Can I?

This little guy followed me home, he is a rescue and he is just as sweet as can be. Fully house broken and just loves everybody. He is 2 yrs old. his coloring is from a special breed, he has grey patches. kind of makes him look like and old man. And he sure has me walking. And that is just what I needed no excuses here.

This shot was taken at the foster Mom's house

this all black long hair is 10 yrs old and needs all his teeth removed do to a poor diet. But he was a sweet heart too. No he didn't follow me too. The foster mom is going to adopt him.

We have had lots of rain so we try to get in as many walks as we can between the rain. But if its got to be done in the rain we have a big umbrella.

Not much else to talk about tonight and since we get up very early now to go for our first walk I need to hit the sack. Of course I got up before he did LOL

BTW it is chilly here now that the rains have come. Just love it.


  1. I love it that you've been adopted (we don't adopt pets, they adopt us) by such a sweet little guy. We have a litte female that adopted us ten years ago. She was thought to be between six and eight years old at the time and she has brought us lots of joy. So what is the little fellas name? He'll be lots of company for you and hopefully a good traveling companion.

  2. Good morning Granny,
    His name is Freddie :) and I think he will be a great traveling companion. He sticks to me like glue already.
    Have a great day.

  3. He is adorable. They do keep us moving and that is a good thing, for us anyway. Stay safe.

  4. Hi Teri, Thanks I think so too.:)

    Mornin Pidge, Thank you and yes they keep us moving its 7:14 and we just came back from our second walk, He had to greet all his girlfriends and boy friends that walk at this time. hahha.

    Hey Ash,
    Thank you so much I just love this little guy. He is sitting at my feet as always. I keep telling him I need to take a shower now and then we can play with his toys. And of course go for another walk.

  5. Hi Gypsy, Yes he is such a good guy to
    and he sure love to take walks. He was trained well and he listens to what he is told. I just can't imagine them not picking him up. well their lose is my gain I guess.
    Thanks for coming by.

  6. Hey Nana,

    You know me and doggies! I love him he's a cutie with those gray spots!

    We're getting so much rain too except getting a walk in this humid mug isn't ideal. I'd rather save myself haha.

    Well I'm usually busy running around anyways.
    Hope you're enjoying the walks and the dogs! I can always send Liccs your way she LOVES walks haha.

    Love ya,

  7. Hey Princess. You can keep your dog with you, Freddie is good enough for me and we can walk real good together.
    WE walk together I'm sure your dog would be dragging me down the street. LLOL

  8. Nana,

    Trust me Liccs will defintely be dragging you! She's so strong. When Alonzo first started walking her it was a funny sight to see! We've both got her real disciplined when we walk her though. She just takes advantage of newbies! Haha

    Love ya,