Friday, July 8, 2011

No Rain today

It was very humid today but we didn't have any rain. They got everything set up for the annual yard sale and hope they don't get rained out tomorrow. I will be doing the Art Show inside the club house. Hope I can sell some of my photos.
Today the guy showed up to install my screen door. :)) I am so happy that is done. He had some trouble getting it in since the door frame was way out of square. I don't know who built the porch but I could tell he wasn't a carpenter. But it is done and I am very pleased. I will get some pictures when I have more time.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Be careful out there.


  1. Good luck selling your photos. I wonder if the porch settled some and that is the reason the door frame wasn't square? Glad he was able to install the screen door for you.

  2. Hi Granny,
    This place is so old you just never know. But I love it and I hope I am now done with most big projects. Thanks for the good luck. I just want to sell these off or I may start giving them away for presents weather they like them or not. haha

  3. Good luck with the sale. We love them and try to attend a lot of them on the week ends. Stay safe.

  4. Hi Pidge,Sorry to say it was a full flop. didn't sell not one photo. Bad day.

  5. Hey Nana,

    Like I said I do want some pictures of the photos you're putting in the art show so I can buy one for Cello!
    Wiggy, my ma, and me went to get food after work and Wiggy and I had to run through the rain barely. It was raining really big drops, but it didn't even last for 10 minutes. It's wierd when they have to put the severe weather warnings on when it lasts no more then 10 minutes everywhere it rains.
    Love ya,

  6. I would not make you pay for a picture for Cello's room. I need to find something fun to take a picture of for his room. I should be getting out more next week, and then see what I find.
    We only had a few drops of rain now for the past few days. But is sure is muggy.:(~
    Love you