Sunday, July 10, 2011

Renaissance Fair

A trip to the Renaissance Fair was taken today. I have been to one other in Apache Junction many years ago. It was much larger and there as much more to see. But this was fun and a day out and many pictures to be taken. It has been awhile.
Of course this piece caught my eye, I hope you can click on it and it will enlarge. It has a tiny face on it and I forgot to ask if there is a meaning behind it. At the opposite side there is a star.

I always wanted to feel this material, it was quite heavy and I guess these guys must be very strong.

Check out the face mask on this next shot, That guy must have had one huge nose

How would you like to wear these boots

Of course I didn't bring the Canon so the pictures are not great. But Jeanne was holding this up so the sun could reflect on the bead work,, they shine like diamonds

He had lots of animal skins and it kind of made me wonder if he came by them legally. I know the elk was but next to it is alligator, he also had giraffe and said something about elephant ear.

the critter on his shoulder worked by remote and its head would turn from side to side

It was a fun day and then we took a ride and I took more pictures. I will down load more tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend


  1. That looks like a fun experience. Was this in Flagstaff?

  2. Just thinking about those outfits in the current heat, tires me out.

    Hey - I finally think I can post of your blog. Let's see!

  3. Hi Granny, No tihs is here in Lakeside, right down the road from me.
    glad you stopped by today.

    Yahoo Phyllis, you made it to comment land. Yes those outfits looked pretty warm but then theyre were the younger ones who had on very little. haha

  4. Hi Ash, It was and the little skits they put on are funny.
    thanks for stopping by for a read.

  5. Very interesting. Did you buy the thing with the face in it? I couldn't get it to enlarge, but could see the face. Stay safe.

  6. Hi Pidge,
    Yes I bought it since I had never seen a piece like that before. I have a real weakness for pottery. :)
    Glad you stopped by today.