Monday, July 11, 2011

Things in the Sky and Art

Down the road just before Wood Land Lake Park there is a garage that fixes helicopters As we walked around we heard this helicopter coming closer. It landed at the garage. Those clouds did not bring any rain, this was Sunday.

Went to check out a place called Vacation Village and found these beauty's at the entrance

And of course this was my favorite

Today we had lots of rain and the temps dropped about 20 degrees it was down right chilly and felt great. One of my friends from Tucson pulled into the RV Park and she had on a sweat shirt. we laughed over that one.

Hope all who need the rain get it soon.

Our fire is at 100 percent contained and with the rains now will come flooding problems for the burned out areas. I read today that cows can fertilizer those areas and help to start the re growth. Lets hope so.


  1. Beautiful statues! Glad you got some rain and the fires are out!

  2. Good morning my Special Friend,
    I just wish we could pass some rain onto you know. Glad you came by today.

  3. So glad to hear that the fires are out. We are sure getting our share of rain. Expecting more tonight.

  4. Hi Pidge, Nice to see you today.
    We are getting lots of rain to. It poured lots yesterday, and today it has been on and off but light.
    Hope you have a great day.

  5. My cousin lives in Hereford and had to leave during the Monument fire. Fortunately her house was spared. Now she talks about the area having problems due to the rains. GEESH! Where were the rains a month ago?

  6. Hi Phylis, Yes that is the same question we are all asking. I am going up to Greer tomorrow and I will take pictures if I can see past the tears