Thursday, July 14, 2011

New desk 2

I stopped at Walmart the other day and bought a cheap desk. It was so high I could barely reach to see the laptop. Why would they make such a tall desk. Anyway today I went to BigLots ! and bought another desk. It is the one I wanted in the first place but when I went to buy it they didn't have anymore. Today they had lots of them. So I finally finished putting it all together at 9pm phew what a job. Made a few mistakes and I should know by know it isn't easy anymore for this old body to do these things. But hey its up and it hasn't wobbled or fallen down yet. I know have a slide thing for a key board yippee that was my biggest thing. I hate laptops but when you travel you need it. I would have taken a picture but didn't have enough energy left to finish cleaning and organizing.

I am off to Greer tomorrow to see my friend and have lunch with her. Another friend is here and we will go together as Terry also knows Bobbie.
I can't wait to go up there. I haven't been there since the fire but Bobbie said you really can see it to much from where we will be. But if I see anything I of course will take pictures/

Well the old body is telling me to go lay down now or pay big time tomorrow. I probably will anyway.

Talk at you all tomorrow.