Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Fire Tower

Today was cool but over cast. So pictures aren't quite what I wanted and we may take another trip. Blogger has made changes again I see now. Before the picture you wanted first had to be down loaded last. hhmm no more. But this took so long I am going to leave it as is.

This picture was taken from my perch. I will tell where that was as we move down.

Taken from my perch to show how far up I was. Thank you Jim for being my model. 
 This was taken with the 10X Optical Zoom Since I can no longer set pictures to coordinate the other picture is above about 5 pictures.

Picture below is at 5x

 Jim was trying to decide if he should come up higher, NO not happening, but that's OK cause the platform wasn't all that large for 2 to hang out on.
 My perch up about 10 stairs from Jim
 Shirley hanging out the window taking videos. The only reason I would be hanging out that window would be to lose my breakfast. And to get into the tower you have to climb throw a hatch door. NOT
 John coming out of the tower and Sharon coming next. I heard John suffers from a fear of heights you did good John
 Last Jeanne, made this trip happen. Go Jeanne Go
 Wonder how this happened. Looks like part Saguaro
This should have been my second from top picture
 This should have been the first picture
And I don't know how this one got here but oh well
The brown tree is not a burn but from pine beetles
And now we are working center out :P
Anyway we had a great day and it was lots of fun. We went to an Antique Shop, shoe repair, lunch at Mama Bears and a Christmas in July Craft Show.


  1. Very nice adventure. Fire towers always have such great views, but then again I don't guess they would be much good if they didn't. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That sounds like a fun day. I have a fear of heights and don't think I'd have gone to the top either. I know I wouldn't have climbed through the hatch.

  3. Hi Joe, Yes they do and I wish I wasn't such a chicken. But I guess I did pretty good to get that high.
    Thanks for stopping in.

    Hi Granny, Yes that hatch looked pretty scary to me. The others said it was ruff glad I didn't try. But it was a fun day. Glad you came by for a read.