Friday, July 29, 2011


 Another cloudy day so I quick walked Fred and ran to do laundry so I could get showered and dressed. I am not big on going to the laundry mat so I have lots of clothes on hand. Then we went back to the Christmas Cabin, I identified it as Christmas in July on yesterdays post.
That's where I bought the butterflies which you attach to window screens or I guess you can put them on your close. I also bought some cards and a thing to pull out the oven rack and push it back in the picture came out terrible so I didn't use it,The sign came from a new store that was found by Jeanne on her many travels around  town.

 The canoe is something I have been wanting since last summer I found it at Burly Bear.
This sign also came from that shop, I hope it can be enlarged by clicking on it
(the cabin is where the heart is)
While we were in the Burly Bear we heard a very loud crack of thunder so we  figured it was time to go. It was pouring down rain, It rained all day and I mean it rained. The temperature dropped to 62 and should be around 56 for tonight's low.

Hope your weather is getting better where ever you may be.


  1. It sounds as if you had a nice shopping trip. Your cool weather sounds nice. It's still in the high 90s here almost every day. We're having Arizona weather without the beautiful scenery.

    The little sign shows up great.

  2. Looks like the power shopping trip was successful.

  3. Hi Granny, glad you enjoyed the blog. My sister let me know that you can now click on the pictures to enlarge them. But I still can't see my friends.
    Have a great day.

    Hi Joe, lol yes but it needs to stop, or I will need a bigger place or put an addition on and thats not going to happen either way. :)
    Hope you get to live the good life today.